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  1. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I bought my 2015 Chief Vintage used and was going to clean and redye the leather. The previous owner gave me the Indian tan leather care kit which I'm not sure he used. My question is simply this. When I opened the bottle of leather dye it was the consistency of pudding. Not hard or dried out...
  2. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I would like to darken up this lighter colored fringe to match my bags and seat for a little project that I'm working on. . I've seen many different methods posted on line, but thought it would be best to hear from Indian owners, as we tend to a bit more stringent than most.
  3. Indian Scout
    So, as I've said, been working on another bike and I sometimes need a break from it. I've found that for some reason that means I do something knee jerk to the scout?! OK.. what ever. so, I had some leather dye sitting around, and had enough to drink at the time (again) (it's a a holiday Weekend...
1-3 of 3 Results