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  1. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Weird issue started a few weeks ago, but I wasn't able to identify what was going on until yesterday. I have a kuryakyn road thunder bluetooth speaker, and it has worked fine for about a year and a half. Lately, the power was cutting out, and it seems to have gotten worse this weekend. I don't...
  2. Indian Chieftain
    I'm thinking of getting the the Kuryakyn Spear Brake Pedal pad for my Chieftain. I read someone's review on Amazon that his broke off. Majority of the reviews were positive. Anyone had the issue of the pad breaking off? Thanks in advance for your input!
  3. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I decided to change my foot controls to Kuryakyn's Spear series. Went to put on the brake control and the damn thing was milled wrong and when bolted in it is not aligned. From a distance no one would be able to tell but if I am going to pay what I believe is a premium price it should fit...
  4. Kuryakyn
    Amazing sound and look fantastic , thanks Kuryakyn. New for 2017 Scout models part # 624. Crusher® Maverick Slip-Ons | Exhaust | Performance | Kuryakyn
  5. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Now I know not everyone is going to have the same opinion as me and I know this isn't going to work for everyone. But this is my story about the three things I did to my Chieftain to make it great. Maybe it will help you too. BTW, I'm 6'0", 32" inseam and 275lbs, if it matters... I'll add...
  6. Indian Scout Performance & Suspension
    These pipes look and sound great. I recently heard a set on a Scout Sixty and was very impressed. So much so I became a dealer for Kuryakyn and Crusher (same company). They are available at I think this is one of the best choices for exhaust for the Scout.
  7. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Hello everyone. has added Kuryakyn to its product line. We are offering their heel shifter for sale. This is a nice item if you like heel shifters. (Some people don't like them.) This one travels under the floorboard and comes up at the back. This way it does not cover...
  8. Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    The standard peg is just too short for me. Changed to Kuryakyn long horn shift peg. It is MUCH more comfortable. I intended to use the standard length Kuryakyn as heel shift peg but the bolt pitch did not fit. Now waiting for new 1.25 pitched bolt to be delivered. The question is - are...
  9. Kuryakyn
    I installed one on my bike. The difference is day and night, it really "finishes" the rear tail light chrome. and after installation. ...and here is a side view. The only thing I would do differently, if I had it to do again, is gently spread the tail light cover while putting it on...
1-14 of 15 Results