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  1. Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    I got a 2021 scout bobber abs . I bought a k&n filter for it. I was told at the dealership today if I install this filter the bike would have to be tuned by them. I have Vance and Hines slipons with no baffles other than that bike is stock. Can someone please give me the proper information on...
  2. Indian Scout
    Can anyone help me find a fuel map for my current set up? Power Vision 3, K&N air filter, Roland Sands track slip ons.
  3. Gilroy Indian Models
    :rolleyes: OK, so I stole the title from someplace else in the forums. I acquired a 2010 Chief Vintage a couple of months ago. It is a cool bike and it is stock with the exception of some leather. While it looks "older" and classic, it may give the appearance that it is lighter. After...
  4. Indian Scout
    Looking at adding the stage one pipes to my scout and changing over to a K&N air filter. I'm looking at the paper work and on top of the pipes they added a "K-intake, performance, mid" Looks like a upgraded air filter and housing. If i'm using the K&N do I need the Indian upgrade air?
  5. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I just received my K&N PL-1814 air filter. I have used K&N for years and was glad to see we got one for the 111. I have yet to drive my scoot with this filter but if you believe the advertising hype....the K&N has 50% better air flow than the factory paper filter. I will be watching it for a...
  6. Indian Dark Horse
    I will be installing these parts as they come in. I have a question about removing the old exhaust. What are the torque values an the floor boards, header mounting bolts and the fin bolts? Any help would be great thanks.
  7. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Indian Chief Air Filter - Replacement Air Filters
1-7 of 7 Results