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  1. Klock Werks Prairie Bars... GEN 2!!!!

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I just installed the NEW Klock Werks Prairie Bars and they are AWESOME!!!! I was hoping for a better day to shoot them, but how could I resist not shooting impromptu with a rainbow?!? lol Anyway, After a little minor adjusting to get them perfect for me... I couldn’t be happier 🤗 What I don’t...
  2. Discount on Klock Werks Prairie Bars?

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I’m ready to pull the trigger on the Prairie Bars and I read somewhere on here that we can get a 10% discount for being part of this group 👍🏼 Is there a code or anything that you guys might know about? I called them To order the bars and they said someone here might know the code word I need? 🤔
  3. Thank you Moore Speed Racing

    International Indian Owners
    Great customer service from Moore Speed racing. They imported a Klock Werks Klassic front fender to UK for me, had it sprayed, and fitted it today. There were many problems for them to overcome along the way, but they persevered, and I'm delighted with the result.
  4. Klock Werks Klassic for Scout 60

    Indian Scout Sixty
    Today I finally had the Klock Werks Klassic fender fitted to my Scout 60. I'm delighted with the result. It doesn't seem to affect the handling at all. I think the rain and debris protection for the bike is about as good as a front fender can provide; for me, it also evokes the fenders of Scouts...

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    A new Indian Scout, customized and built by Klock Werks in Mitchell, South Dakota, is a splash of fiery red in the new Nashville General Store, Jack Daniels first ever retail and experiential location outside of Lynchburg. The independently owned Jack Daniel’s Nashville General Store folks are...
  6. Jack Daniel's 150 Vintage Builder Interview #1 of 150

    Indian Motorcycle Pictures & Videos
    Pretty neat interview about the JD bike! Enjoy!