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  1. Lost and Confused - seeking advice for upgrades

    Indian Chieftain
    I have a 2018 Chieftain Limited with many upgrades. It looks like a Road Master at this point, minus the lowers. Recently, when the Indian demo truck was at my local dealer, I took the Harley vs Challenger demo ride. I was impressed by how much power both bikes had compared to my Chieftain. I...
  2. I Love my 15 Roadmaster with VooDoo

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Hello All, I absolutely Love my Indian Roadmaster! The Most amazing machine I have ever ridden! My wife and I took it up the California coast and we were blown away with the comfort, smooth ride and power. I do believe the OTB VooDoo intake/air cleaner significantly improved the throttle...
  3. Advice on Full System / Header upgrade

    Indian Chief Vintage
    I have a 2014 Vintage that is currently stock engine wise. I am a fan of the classic look over performance to a point. I'd like to do a moderate upgrade engine tune with some particular goals in mind and hope this community can provide direct comments to specific items to aid my decision...
  4. Dealer charging $520 for Indian performance intake and $150 for install...

    Indian Scout Performance & Suspension
    Hello everyone, Dealer charging $520 for Indian performance intake and $150 for install....does this sound right? I found the intake for $105 on Amazon. What the the difference between the Indian and Trask intake...which one is better?
  5. Intake Upgrade???

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Dealer is giving me the option to upgrade my intake to stage one with chip included for 100 bucks at my next service, any info or reviews on what they usually install and how it would affect? or if chip is any good to retune for my gp shorts?
  6. 17’ Scout S&S intake vs Zipper’s Intake

    Indian Scout
    What would anyone suggest? Between S&S and Zippers intake. I’ve had experience with the S&S intake, but none with the Zippers. I’ve heard that the Zippers would amplify torque and kill top end. (Which is what I’m looking for) but I’d rather not bite the bullet on Zippers if all it’s gonna do is...
  7. Am I Alone?

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    We all like to think of ourselves as rugged individualists, right? My wife tells me that I'm one of a kind, but sometimes I'm not sure if she's saying that as a compliment. But am I alone in the desire to ride a motorcycle that has a reasonably quiet exhaust note? I've been riding since 1971...
  8. Dual intake on an Indian

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    At Thunder Works we offer the only true cold air filter for the Scout. It is a dual set up. It has a K&N filter on the outside of the bike on each side. If you are building a show bike or a performance bike, you might want to consider this option. LINK...
  9. FS - Stock Tan Seat, Pegs, Mud Flap, Rear Shocks, Patches, Shock Bolts for '16 Scout

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    I have miscellaneous STOCK parts available that I removed from my 2016 Scout. Shipping costs are not included from Idaho USA... you pay that ahead of time... I will refund any overpayment of postage via PayPal with a photo of the USPS Receipt. Pay via PayPal (Friends & Family, no fees). All...
  10. Maybe the best way to cool cylinder head #2

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I was taking my Springfield apart as I often do and noticed a very nice feature. At we sell several different intakes for the 111 bikes (as well as Scouts). Some of the new intakes require removing everything related to the OEM intake. This creates a good source of cool...
  11. New Intake advice

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    At Thunder Works, we manufacture numerous intakes for the Indian bikes. It occurred to me that anyone buying a new intake should be aware of the following. Of course we clean and inspect our intakes before we ship as do most manufacturers. However, if you buy and...
  12. We listened and made a change due to forum feedback

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Thunder Works recently introduced a new intake system for the 111 bikes. It basically is a K&N filter fully exposed with 3 black feathers and a concho. We left the subtle K&N logo in the background. I was torn whether to remove it or not. Anyway forum members made it clear they did not like the...
  13. OTB VooDoo Smoke Show

    OTB Prototypes
  14. OTB VooDoo Smoke Show

    OTB Prototypes
  15. Getting sideways on an Indian Darkhorse

    OTB Prototypes
    Getting sideways on an Indian Darkhorse and staying on two wheels can take some skill when you have this much power. Its easy to get sideways. This is a stock 2016 Dark Horse with a VooDoo Air Intake and a proper tune for all the extra air. No other performance changes were made. VooDoo makes...
  16. New OTB VooDoo Dealer "FUEL MOTO"!

    OTB Prototypes
    We are very happy to have @fuelmoto as a new dealer. Look for our VooDoo air intake on their website. Fuel Moto has a long history of great products and of tuning bikes for maximum performance. These guys know their stuff. .
  17. New High Performance intake for the 111 bikes only $229.95

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    At Thunder Works we have a new intake for the 111 bikes. It is a genuine K&N high flow filter with 3 black feathers and a silver concho on it. It tucks nicely under the left side of the tank but still makes a statement that you have places to go. If you are trying to up the performance on your...
  18. It is getting HOT out there... Cool your motor with a VooDoo

    OTB Prototypes
    Are your legs getting hot? Do you want better throttle response? Do you want a killer looking intake? Get a VooDoo! VooDoo Details
  19. FS: S & S A/C - basically new

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Planning on selling my Chief Classic. Actually, I just bought the S & S, installed it, and took it off like a week later. So, it's basically new. Cost was like $330.00 Will sell including shipping for $250. It's the vintage script on the chrome cover. Note: I bought new hex head bolts for the...
  20. The super high flow "Arrow" 111 intake video is ready.

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Lately, I have been working on too many new products at once. I love this work. Anyway, I finally made a video of the "Arrow" 111 intake and got it up on the website. I have been riding with it on my Springfield and it gets lots of complements. But the neatest thing is to hear the roar of air...