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  1. Indian Scout
    Replaced OEM slip ons with Trask which is pretty much just a tip no baffles or anything. My check engine light popped on,this just an emissions issue? Light is on but doesn't let me grab a code. Rode it for 5 min noticed the light and turned around. Doesn't seem to run any differently.
  2. Indian Motorcycle Events
    So I bought a new indian scout bobber 2021 had slip on waiting to put on before I was able to have bike delivered. Bike was delivered road for 5 min with stock slip-ons. Changed to an open pipe slip-ons. The check engine light came on,I'm assuming it's for the new slip ons I put on.I noticed new...
  3. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I'm living in Saudi Arabia which is developed country and has the largest economy in the middle east. However, Indian Motorcycle has a negative presence here mainly because of its dealer. Indian Motorcycle makes Beautiful Machines, but it has a terrible supply chain management. Saudi Arabia...
  4. Indian Scout
    Showcasing fine leather working by Justin Wolf. This custom seat was built for the Indian Scout. Hand carved, hand tooled, hand stitched, completely handmade no machines ever touch this mans work. Total hours into this build was stated as 70. The theme of this seat is geared towards the female...
1-4 of 4 Results