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  1. Indian Pursuit
    Note from Hink: merged identical threads. By default, oldest thread becomes host. image
  2. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    BRAND NEW Indian 6.5" 100w Powerband Speakers. Never fully installed, dealer would not let me listen to them in the dealership, and did not have a bike with them installed so I just plugged them into my Challenger when I got home. I was not "unhappy" with them, I just decided to go a different...
    $500 USD
  3. Indian FTR1200
    I`m sorry if this has asked before but im just wondering can a 200/17 tyre fit on the rear ? Also im maybe just day dreaming but what would be necessary for the engine to be tuned up to 200hp mark if possible at all ? Thank you, ride safe!
  4. Indian Scout
    So I took off my oem front pegs and have replaced them with some floorboards (off brand) and I like them a lot but I realized I don’t have much clearance for my feet when I shift and brake. Has anyone run into problems like this or might have a solution?
  5. Indian Motorcycle Builds
    Hello guys! I`m quite new haha literally registered couple of minutes ago. I love motorcycles in general of all kinds but Indian is my favorite brand, and i`m in love in every possible way. I`m up and coming with these types of bikes however and purely from enthusiastic stand of point I was...
  6. Indian Scout
    I just did my break-in service (whoo for 500mi) and I set my torque wrench to under-spec and it tore the plug head right off! I was lucky because it left just enough of the 6mm Hex port that I was able to take it out. I was in a bind so I went and bought a m12x1.5 plug from Oriley’s. This is a...
  7. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    I have an Indian passenger backrest for a 2016 Springfield. It's in excellent condition and I no longer have the bike. $300 obo. I'm located in SoCal Santa Monica area if local. Why not save some $$$. Paid $450 from Indian. I do not have the luggage rack that attaches to the back.
  8. Indian Chief Vintage
    Hi! I'm having some battery drain problems with my Chief Vintage (model year 2018 and about 5000 miles on the clock). The bike is draining battery while sitting still and especially while driving it. With a fully charged battery, the bike runs for about 25 miles before voltage drops too low and...
  9. Indian Challenger
    Last year I was convinced I wanted to buy an Indian Challenger. Went to the dealership with my wife, only thing I didn't know was the color. Took her on a test ride.... I loved the bike, she hated it because she felt like her knees were up around her ears as the passenger. She is 5' 10". We...
  10. Indian Motorcycle Pictures & Videos
    Please post all photos about Indian Motorcycles, Railway, Locomotive, etc. here
  11. Indian Motorcycles For Sale / Wanted
    Model – Indian Chieftain Darkhorse Year – 2016 Miles – 16,734 Tabs – renewed May 2020 Storage – always garaged Fuel used – Premium 93 Octane w/ Lucas lubricant and fuel injector cleaner Maintenance – all recalls and scheduled maintenance never missed. + for a $40 admin fee at North Sound Indian...
  12. Indian Scout
    Looking to see if anyone has a pre-owned and in good condition front rim for a scout bobber they want to sell? Have a bent one on my 18 bobber.
  13. Indian Motorcycle Events
    5/23 – OVM Annual Spring Show & Swap Meet – Corvallis Oregon We fully intend to go forward with the OVM Corvallis Ride & Show if we are allowed to under the Governor’s restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic. Please check back from time to time to see updates. We’ll post updates as we...
  14. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Hi Everyone! I have 6 Vintage Leather Indian Motorcycle Jackets for sale. All are Size Large! All in Great Vintage Worn Condition. Here is the first one up for sale! Vintage Express Leather Jacket (thinner spring jacket). One large Patch on reverse, Three Patches on front. Price is $250 OBO...
1-16 of 156 Results