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  1. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I’ve had my chieftain for 3 years now and have recently got the itch for something new. Looking at trading the 15 chieftain for an 18 Springfield dark horse, what are yall’s thoughts? The dealership has made me an offer with swapping my must keep parts over to the new one ( slip ons and air...
  2. Indian Motorcycle Pictures & Videos
    It took 4 months, but there she is, what a great byke! Last Sunday we did the first 300 Km. and was a joy to drive, I loved the look, the colour and the noise. Fabrizio
  3. Indian Springfield
    Hey all, I'm a new member to the forum and have a question. I just bought a 2017 Indian Springfield and added the touring package, my question is do they make an anti theft device for the quick release latch of the trunk? I know on the saddle bags you have to actually open them to get them off...
  4. Indian Springfield
    After putting 2,000 miles on my springfield i have some things i love and some things i would change... I love the feel when dipping into a bend and the throttle response.I enjoy the look and style of the bike and over all fit and finish. the things i do not like are the turn signal indicator...
  5. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Take a legendary ride. Demo the 2016 Indian Motorcycle lineup. The DEMO truck will be at Indian Motorcycle Wayne on Tuesday, April 5th 2016 and Wednesday, April 6th 2016. DEMO rides start at 11am until 7pm. So come on down and demo ride one or all of the new 2016 Indian Motorcycles. Call us at...
  6. Indian Springfield
    The Springfield has been a very anticipated model here at the dealership. We knew somewhere along the line Indian had to come out with at least an option to put hard bags on a Classic or Vintage style Chief. It was something that people were asking for and we passed that feedback up to the guys...
  7. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    I would like a nice pair of Springfield gas tank emblems. Anyone interested in selling theirs? Are they available from the factory? I have a beautiful pair of Zambini tank emblems but I find them so 1900's looking.
  8. Indian Motorcycle News
    I put over a hundred miles on the Springfield this last week in Daytona during the IMRG ride out to Standard Motorcycle Co (more on this soon) in Orlando, FL. We had a great turnout and got to spend some time with Ralph Wessel who is the current AHRMA Class C Handshift championship holder...
  9. Indian Springfield
    Are dealers out or are they able to get inventory, is their much of a waiting list at various dealers. Just curious as to how well this Springfield is being received around the country and how well that is transferring into sales?
  10. Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    Soooo my new baby hit the 500 mile mark running beautifully, time for first oil change. I fell the need for synthetics is unwarranted gonna get flack on this but here we go if you change your oil wen you are supposed to 3000 miles or so you are wasteing money.I feel the best oil on the planet...
  11. Indian Springfield
    Upon my question to Indian regarding the size of the stock factory windshield on the Springfield vs. the Chief Vintage, I received this detailed, thorough response from Spirit Lake. I'm really appreciating their customer support. (Be aware: Dealers don't appear to be swapping windshields at...
  12. Indian Chieftain
    At the dealer this weekend having bike serviced. The new Springfield was on the floor. In their advertising they say it's a completely redisigned frame. The sales guy said its the same frame as the Chieftain. Basically, the back half Is the Chieftain and the front half is the Vintage. A few I...
  13. Indian Springfield
    These guys have a painted Springfield already on the floor. How could they do this so fast?
  14. Indian Springfield
    I want to replace my 2014 Chief Vintage handlebars. I like the looks of the bars on the new Springfield. Are they the same bend of bars that the dark horse has? Also can Indians new mid rise bars fit the Vintage? The Indian website says no but I'm not so sure. I wonder if we can buy the bars...
  15. Indian Springfield
    I read today that the Indian Springfield has been launched. Placing it between the Vintage and Chieftain. What do you think folks, and does anyone have pictures. Personally, I would like to see something between the Scout and Vintage soon.....
  16. Indian Springfield
    Simplicity and versatility are hallmarks of minimalist touring powerhouse that converts to lean urban cruiser in minutes, featuring class-leading power, handling and comfort MINNEAPOLIS (March 3, 2016) — Indian Motorcycle, America’s first motorcycle company, today announced the new 2016 Indian...
  17. Indian Chief Vintage
    Just saw this Picture on another site. Looks like it might be real, but not sure. Nice bike but still like my Vintage better.
  18. Indian Springfield
    (Apologies if this has already been posted elsewhere but I looked and didn't see anything.) I was looking at my local dealer's website and, on their events calendar, saw this: "New Indian Model ??????? Launch Party we'll be handing out a ltd number of ???? bandanas"
1-19 of 21 Results