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  1. Vintage Indian Motorcycles
    Advanced “ADVENTURE” - Billings Hill Climb July 2018 [NEWS CLIP 1 – Limited Release, 2018] Dr. Gregory Frazier has completed his record setting sixth motorcycle ride around the world! A free "book" is available in the form of a blog, with photographs describing how he managed and survived the...
  2. Vintage Indian Motorcycles
    I've a 1943 title for my Sport Scout from owner when I acquired it in the 1980's. Vin # on old title are 636659. Engine # is HCH659, frame # is 636659. Digging, I "think" these #s translate to 1936. Am I an idiot or was I successful in my hunt for the proper year? I'm about to apply for a...
1-2 of 2 Results