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  1. Indian Scout
    Information about the bike first. I picked up a 2016 Indian Scout Sixty in a "good deal" environment from a friend, who put it down and got an upgrade through insurance. I picked up the bike that he paid $8,900 for new, for a cost-to-me of $1,100 cash. The bike had all regular maintenance done...
  2. Indian Scout Sixty
    During eastern I have an update of the fender. I have removed the ugly plastic part. Now there is a Warbonnet. Before Now
  3. DSCN0849.JPG

  4. Indian Scout Sixty
    My black beauty arrived a couple of days ago and the first thing I had to do was capture her beauty for posterity. I have to thank this forum and it's many threads for guiding me in making an informed decision. I'm completely besotted with her and can not wait to create wonderful memories. Say...
  5. Indian Scout
    Looking to trade my stock Black Seat for the Desert Tan Version. Bought the bike about 16 months ago and have about 1200 miles on my bike so there is nothing wrong with the seat. Will throw in some $ as well since the Desert Tan seat are leather, not vinyl. LMK if anyone is interested in a...
  6. Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    Goodmorning everyone, I am sorry for my bad english, I am writing from the italian part of Switzerland (Lugano). I have a question regarding my Indian Scout Sixty 2016. I just replaced the original odometer of my Indian Scout Sixty 2016 with a new odometer (original indian part for the scout...
  7. Indian Scout Sixty
    May 25th marked the end of my 1st year riding street. That morning I woke up 1300 miles from home in Glenns Ferry, ID, gearing up for the final 2-day sprint back to BC on what I referred to in May 2017 as my dream bike, a 2018 Indian Scout 60. My father introduced me to the Indian Scout last...
  8. Indian Scout Sixty
    I was at the dealer today getting my 500 mile service. I found out there is a "soft" recall on all Indian Scout starters. I was told that if your starter takes more than 2 cranks to start it is beginning to have an issue. I spoke with the dealer his words were...."I just tell everyone with a...
1-16 of 29 Results