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  1. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    hey guys, i try not to plug my own stuff on here too much but im in the middle of a project and still need some more material. I have a youtube channel where i do motorcycle vids just generally covering topics ive tried to research and couldn’t get great information on. At the moment im doing...
  2. Indian Scout
    First timer on the Indian Forums here, I bought aftermarket speakers for my 2017 Scout Sixty, but I don't want to wire the speakers directly to the battery. I have a relay to wire the speakers through but have no idea where to wire the relay to on the bike. Need assistance ASAP. Thanks
  3. Indian Scout Sixty
    I painted it Silver Metallic then installed it. (COO: US) CI-1900 Scout / Octane Debris Shield
  4. Indian Scout Sixty
    The Leatherworks 105 SLIM RETRO SLIGHT ANGLE SADDLEBAGS on my Scout 60! Attachment method was their EASY Brackets. 105 Slim Retro Slight Angle Saddlebag and SS-R2 Easy Brackets A big thumbs up to the Rench Ranch Youtube Channel for the installation video that is posted on there , made it a...
1-20 of 24 Results