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  1. Ride Command
    I’m running a 2022 Indian Chief Dark Horse and the other day I was driving across town when I noticed that the Ride Command display (4 inch) was showing a low tire warning, upon closer inspection I noticed the display has froze. All the digital gauges pointed to zero, and all the dummy lights...
  2. 1940s-50s Corbin 110 mph speedometer for Indian chief motorcycles

    Is a great addition to any Indian chief bike. Please make me an offer. 3366938630..
  3. FB_IMG_1636630094128.jpg

    2001 Centennial Chief
  4. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Question about the color indication on the power button on the chief dark horse 2018. When you bower on without having the fob the button suppose to be constantly red. Correct? When you dial in you 4 digit activation code does the color changes to green? Or no color at all? Likewise, if you...
  5. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I am working on a Indian Chief motorcycle rebuild/restore in my shop. After researching the frame and motor numbers, I found I have a 1948 Frame with a 1939 Motor on it. I am just trying to find out what the difference there is in the 1939 motor that's on it and a 1948 motor that should have...
  6. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    1947 Indian Chief rides off with top bid at 700-vehicle Hackenberger auction
  7. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Complete with working Cigarette lighter, and room for your favorite .45!
  8. Vintage Indian Motorcycles
    Indian Motorcycle Wayne is pleased to announce that our friend Mr Ed Lewis's 1951 Indian Chief will be spending some time on display here in our showroom. Painted a classic black, it features an engine displacement of 80 cubic inches, a right side tank shift, and left side throttle. For vintage...
  9. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Take a legendary ride. Demo the 2016 Indian Motorcycle lineup. The DEMO truck will be at Indian Motorcycle Wayne on Tuesday, April 5th 2016 and Wednesday, April 6th 2016. DEMO rides start at 11am until 7pm. So come on down and demo ride one or all of the new 2016 Indian Motorcycles. Call us at...
  10. Indian Motorcycle Pictures & Videos
    I had a great time over at bikeweek and got the chance to ride the Jack Daniel's Chief. The barrel man, Kevin Sanders is the owner of this fantastic motorcycle. I then had little Marianne hop on and take it for a spin showing that it doesn't matter how heavy the motorcycle is, apply the...
1-11 of 16 Results