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  1. My dad attended a Cannonball Run in Bowling Green, OH.

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    Here's a few pictures he took of some vintage coolness.. we will work on his photography skills...
  2. Recently discovered

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    Even has the leather yet.. I don't any more than what you see,, but I'd like to to.. I'd guess it's a '40-42.. I want to know it's story... Any one know this person? Lol
  3. Bring back the Indian Four

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    Greetings everyone! For my first post, I thought I might get right to the punch and tell you why I'm here... I am a fan of Polaris engineering and the Victory and Indian brands they have developed. I'm not a Harley guy and I would never buy one, but I do appreciate how far they have come in...
  4. Want an Indian 4 Cylinder? Here ya Go....Brand New

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    These are apparently being made as we speak. Must be for European sales as they are still made with a single carb and EPA would be the hurdle. At any rate............lots of colors, air cooled 4 cylinder and not real bad looking but a little dated here and there. Thoughts? Indian Dakota 4
  5. Indian 4 rumors

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    Has anybody heard any rumors of Indian releasing the Indian 4. I was at another forum and they were talking about Indian Motorcycles, one person told everyone to hold off on buying one because Indian is releasing a new one in Stugis.