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  1. Indian Scout
    Curious what that average stock idle speed is for Scout(s) both models. Note: I'm averaging 1025 RPM at idle, but, I am using an EJK and wondering if that's a wee high, thus the question. Thanks in advance.
  2. Thunder Stroke 111 Performance & Suspension
    Hey all, I received the PVCX from Fuel Moto yesterday, downloaded the PV_info file and emailed it. Received my custom tune today. I flashed the tune as directed, all went very smoothly. Device was easy to use. Couldn't ride the bike as it was already cold and dark, but throttle response...
  3. Indian Motorcycle Reviews, Rides and Impressions
    Just to compare the ECM controlled idle at the same bike. Lowered the OEM setting 800rpm to 750rpm with PVCX. Dark Horse 2016, Jekill&Hyde exhaust with Stage2 cams. Sound is ok, no, it is great - and great feelings. But resetted up to 800rpm after two days - to much traffic lights and jams to...
  4. Indian Scout
    So I took my Scout in for it's second service and was told there was an ECU recall for a reflash to "address an idle issue" . I am not sure if this is canada only or what but anyone with an "idle issue" should get in touch with your dealer it is also noted this was covered under warranty for...
  5. Indian Scout
    It would now seem that I to have Sercombe to the throttle issues that has plagued other scout owners as well as some other issues that I no longer can tolerate. Along with the throttle surging fault, other issues have arisen with the scout and have been noted bellow, and require attention...
1-5 of 5 Results