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  1. Indian Scout
    Hi everyone, I finally found the document showing my recent results for the Dyno run testing. When the test was done I had installed a Trask Air Intake, and V&H Grenades full exhaust.
  2. Indian Scout
    TuningHQ Here! We will be offering Stage 1 kits here on the forums. Stage 1 kits include an exhaust of your choice and EJK fuel solution. We will be testing the exhausts available for the Scout and finding optimal settings for our EJK fuel controller. We will be testing on our Axis Dyno so we...
  3. Indian Dark Horse
    I am going to pick up one of these awesome bikes this week but don't know all the options out there for exhaust! I would love a 2-1 for performance purposes. Any options? Also, is there enough aftermarket support for this bike to get around 90-100 hp? Just curious Thanks for any and all...
1-5 of 6 Results