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  1. BuffaloBrand.Co Air Horn System is officially Patented!

    BuffaloBrand.Co Air Horn System is officially Patented! :)
  2. Installation video of our Patent Pending BuffaloBrand.Co Air Horn System

    Installation video of our Patent Pending BuffaloBrand.Co Air Horn System being installed on a 2016 Indian Springfield 150th Anniversary Jack Daniels by American Custom Engineering, LLC.
  3. BuffaloBrand.Co - First Air Horn Systems Designed Specifically for Indian Motorcycles - Videos

    BUFFALOBRAND.CO Air Horn Systems - Videos 8" Air Horn System 15" Air Horn System
  4. <Hazards> <Hazards> <Hazards>

    Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    Odd behavior from "Running Bear," my 2015 Indian Chief Classic. When I try to start it now, to no avail, the hazards start blinking. Context: Michigan temps went from single digits Fahrenheit to 50 degrees today (that's the good news). When I opened the garage door my bike was covered in...
  5. 3rd party stebel nautilus horn stops after about 2 seconds

    Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    Hello all I have a 2016 (stock) Springfield. When I had the 8,000 klm service done by the local (Sydney - AUSTRALIA) Indian dealer I also asked them to install a stebel nautilus air horn. They did this but told me that because of the electronics on the Springfield the horn would only work for...
  6. Air Horns designed for Indians

    Indian Chieftain
    Company web page: Products Archive - BuffaloBrand.Co
  7. Horn

    Indian Scout Sixty
    I am looking to replace the horn on my Sixty because I can barely hear it with my helmet on. Any suggestions would surely be appreciated!
  8. So, I accomplished my goal. Can you tell the difference?

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I saw this picture in an old article. I said to myself, Self, I want to make an old/new Buffalo Head Helmet. I found some cow horns at the dog food store, took my old military helmet liner out of storage, bought some expensive as sin fake fur and slapped it all together. I present you...
  9. Alternative super loud horn

    Indian Scout
    I saw this horn on Kickstarter and have ordered one. Thought I would share in case anyone else is interested. I have no experience of this product or company, just a desire to replace the unimpressive stock sqeaker. SHOCKWAVE – The First Smart Motorcycle Warning System
  10. I need a small favour from a Euro/Asia/Aussie scout owner?

    Indian Scout
    So thanks to @Alpal I now have the horn relocation bracket, but I have no idea how it installs. What I need, a photo of the installed horn on the bike, using the relocation bracket.
  11. Had to update the horn cover.

    Indian Dark Horse
    Had to join the club and add a coin for the horn cover. I am happy with look and feel. Added some clear non-yellowing acrylic to the silver coin to inhibit tarnishing (gonna see how that works out). Used High temp silicon adhesive to mount it. Letting it sit till tomorrow to put back on the Dark...
  12. Intermittent Horn

    Indian Scout Sixty
    I had a great ride out on the Scout 60 yesterday. The only slight frustration was that when I tried to use the horn just to ensure that a car was aware of me, it didn't work. I kept trying it after that and there was nothing. So after I parked up I tried again and on about the third attempt...
  13. For Sale Coil / Horn cover with bolts, center sticker, and horn mount.

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    For Sale... Coil/Horn cover with all bolts, center sticker and horn mount. Below are the stock numbers and Indian price... 1 5632900-156 COVER, HORN/COIL, CHROME $159.99 2 7179683 CAP, HORN COVER, CHROME $17.99 3 7519370 SCR-SH-M6X1.0X35 A2 EP $6.99 120.00 + Shipping Will deliver for free...
  14. Scout horn...

    Indian Scout
    Just a heads up. I had a problem with the scout horn a while ago. Replaced the wimpy sick horn with a stebel tm80. Fits perfect, and is much louder. But soon after it stopped working, and the horn button would not pop back out, like it no longer had a spring. Had the dealer check it out. I'm...
  15. Wimpy Mep! Mep! Horn

    Indian Scout
    I think that my Scout has one of the wimpiest horns I have ever owned on a bike. I finally received the order of my small version Nautilus/Stebel horn and am now waiting for Indian to ship me my Engine Guards so I can mount it on the right side bars. I did my Phantom and my ST-1100 up with the...