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  1. Indian FTR1200
    So here we are, roughly 6 years into the Indian Motorcycle resurrection via Polaris and they've officially puffed out their chests with a fully developed standalone high performance motorcycle, their first focused attempt at taking on the international market. Opinions aside, lets take a look at...
  2. New Member Introduction Forum
    Hi all, When I first got into riding, I paid cash for a used Honda CB500X. It was great for me but I have been eyeing the Scout for a long time now. Earlier this week I came home astride this trusty steed and looking forward to reading up on this forum and, most importantly, riding. I haven't...
  3. New Member Introduction Forum
    Hi everyone, I've been reading your forum for some time and just now joined up. It's a great forum and I have really appreciated the insights from you all. I am the proud owner of a spanking new Roadmaster... picked it up two days ago. We live in Wellington, FL, having just moved here last...
  4. Indian Motorcycle Pictures & Videos
    Poster has been banned, videos deleted. .