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  1. Bumpers and Highway Bars

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Would you guys recommend front and rear fender bumpers? I know that front and rear highway bars are especially good to have Incase you lay it down but I’m not sure how useful the fender bumpers are. Have yours came in handy before? I have just transitioned from sport bikes so any advice is helpful.
  2. How can I attach highway bars on a bike with floorboard extenders?

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I purchased a used 2017 Chieftain Dark Horse which had the floorboards lowered with an extension. (See pictures) I want to add some highway bars and tried an aftermarket pair but these did not fit since they collide with the lowered floorboards. Help! Any suggestions are welcome.
  3. 2017 Indian Chief Vintage Parts & Accessories (parting out)

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    2017 Chief Vintage Thunderstroke 111 motor with less than 3400 miles. all service records can be provided. every check up was completed during motor break in - asking $3,000 (will consider reasonable offers) OEM driver floorboards new $395 asking $150 OEM Chrome highway bars new $256 asking...
  4. Highway Bars and Driving Lights

    Indian Dark Horse
    I’m planning on installing front Highway Bars on my Chief DarkHorse today. Will they interfere with Driving Lights install next week?
  5. For Sale: Springfield Dark Horse Parts

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Selling the following either together as a package or separately. - Gloss black mustache highway bar $250 - Gloss black rear highway bars $250 - Gloss black stock 2018 Springfield handlebars $100 These were pulled off a 2018 Springfield Darkhorse. These are in brand new condition, pulled...
  6. Highway Bar Video

    Indian Scout Sixty
    I could only find one video on the OEM highway bars so after installing mine today I put something simple on Youtube. My setup is the OEM bars, OEM floorboards and Aeromach heel/toe shifter. Thought I would share. Admins, if this belongs in a specific place please feel free to move.
  7. Resting your feet on highway bars?

    Indian Scout
    Hello friends, For either the OEM or other Scout highway bars, can you rest your feet on them? If so, any problems with wiggle over time? I'm thinking of replacing my pegs with boards or other pegs but would then need some leg-stretch cruising foot rests.
  8. WTB - Extended Reach Foot Controls

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Looking to buy or trade for extended reach foot controls. I have reduced reach. I can trade the reduced reach controls or a set of highway bars.
  9. Moustache Highway Bars

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Has anyone installed the Indian Moustache Highway Bars on the bike. I'd like to see some photos of how they look.I 'm considering adding a set but I'd like to see them first.
  10. Highway Bars

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I seem to experience a lot of wind coming up from the area of the highway bars. I have the stock one and am wondering if a mustache bar would make a difference. What's your opinion?