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  1. help with serial numbers

    Vintage Indian Motorcycles
    ok so i bought this indian it a 1959 and the frame number says on one side 6089 and the other 4759 and the motor says SM 6566 and under the SM are the letters RB its been very difficult to find out if its a chief or a scout or etc. i just want to know what i have in my garage and what numbers...
  2. Smoke during break in

    Indian Scout
    I've read a lot of people say that during the break in the engine will run a little hot before the first oil change. But last night at a red light there was a smoky haze around the bike, engine was around 206F. Smelled kinda like burning plastic earlier in the day too. I'm only at 300 miles...
  3. In need of help

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Hi, I recently came across a small Indian motorcycle. If someone can help me identifying the year and model of it. I do not know anything about motorcycles but this was way to cool to pass up on.
  4. 03 Indian Chief Vintage Deluxe #513

    Gilroy Indian Models
    Have any chief owners experienced shut down issues? My 03 chief has 2100 miles on it. Obviously i don't ride that often but lately i have been wanting to more. I serviced my bike, new plugs, oil change, fresh gas, carb cleaner, air filter, fuel filter. It starts right up and runs great...