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  1. Power Plus 108 Guides and How-To’s
    Since nobody is posting in the How to section, here's a quick video on Heated Grips. Let me know if there are any other subjects I may be able to show.
  2. Indian Pursuit
    I flashed the latest update to the Ride Command software on my 22 Pursuit Premium Darkhorse and magically, my heated grips disappeared - only the heated seat buttons are there. I tried going back to the November 22 version of RC but still no grip controls. Any thoughts?
  3. Indian Challenger
    hello again. is there a way to get the ride command to forget heated grips? I don't have them, but the icon is there and triggers a diag light when the bike starts saying open circuit heated grips.
  4. Indian Scout
    Does anyone know the size of the Indian heated grip for the Scout? I have a 2018 Scout. When I bought it, the first upgrade was oversized grips. I don’t want to go back to the pencil-sized ones it originally came with.
  5. Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    Hi guys. Does anyone know why the new heated grips for the Scout would not work on models 2017 and older? Thank you
  6. Indian Roadmaster
    This happened to me several times yesterday, and the problem became worse and worse throughout the day to the point they would no longer work at all. Has anyone else had this happen and could you describe what you found if you had success fixing it. Wire harness, the switch itself, a thermal...
  7. Indian Roadmaster
    Anyone have their fuel tank off and can show me the wires for the heated grips? I think it was disconnected when the fuel rail was put in. Thanks BB
  8. Indian Dark Horse
    Searched all 9 pages on the DH forum and found no answer to the following question. Ok so I'm seeing two different part numbers for a heated grip kit that fit the 16 DH. One is 2879730 and the other is 2881702. Looking at Cheap Cycle Parts they show both but on the Indian Motorcycle website I...
  9. Indian Motorcycle Builds
    Well, I have finally ante'd up and ordered RC Components 4' slip-on with the Gatlin Chrome tips ($599) and the Mid Rise Ape bars that include the extended clutch cable ($349) and the extended brake cable ($159). I should receive them in a week or so and I will post pics of the process. I...
  10. Motorcycle Riding Gear & Accessories
    Hi Fellow Tribe Members, I apologize if this has been discussed on other threads....for a 2015 Indian Scout, just want opinions on the best aftermarket: 1. heated grips 2. cruise control system Thank you in advance. Spartan Scout
1-10 of 10 Results