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  1. Scout & Scout Sixty Exhaust Heat Shields

    Indian Scout Sixty
    Okay I made a mistake on my bike yesterday and long story short I am searching for the chrome heat shields that cover the exhaust. Indian only seems to sell them in black on thier website. I have looked for used ones on FB or eBay to no avail. Any help would be appreciated. Bike is a 2017 Scout...
  2. Special offer for 10% off on any item from Captain-Itch

    Captain Itch
    Happy Shopping!!! Larry and Isabel
  3. Captain Itch Heat Shield

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Last week I installed the Captain Itch heat shield on my 2016 Springfield. I realize the reality of riding a big bike that has an air-cooled engine, I don't expect cool air blowing while in a traffic jam, but I am hoping this can re-direct some of that intense heat away from my legs.
  4. Capt Itch Heat Shield with a Mustang Vintage Wide Seat

    Indian Springfield
    Well, the title almost says it all: I swapped out the stock Springfield seat for the Mustang Vintage Wide (Model 79760) just so I could push myself further back on the bike. Seat works great, and looks good, too. But things started to turn sour for me when I tried to re-install my Capt Itch...
  5. Capt Itch Heat Shield - for Springfield

    Indian Springfield
    Just wanted to share what the Capt Itch heat shield looks like as ordered specifically for our Springfields. Notice the left and right side of the heat shield are cut to a slightly different shape; I'm thinking that this is done to accommodate for the (rider's) left side air intake shape? I...
  6. Laconia Bike Week Demo Rides Observation

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I got to ride all the Harley touring bikes today, back to back (it was in the mid 80's temperature wise). Then I went and road a Roadmaster. I was shocked how much hotter the Roadmaster was. The Indian staff said it was not typical and blamed it on the back to back demo rides (they verified...
  7. Flexible Heat Shields

    DEi Powersports
    Looking for a supplemental heat shield or heat shield to cover a custom exhaust? The DEI Flexible Heat Shields are a great solution. The stainless trim plate can be polished or powdercoated to give you the look you want, while keeping your leg from getting burned. Next Generation Flexible Heat...