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  1. Scout BOBBER fairings! PLZ HELP!!!!

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    So I’ve been dying to get a fairing. I’ve looked high & low for reviews, pictures, & fitment or installs on fairings for the bobbers. All I’ve found are some of the uglier, bigger, bulky fairings that aren’t my style. I’m scared to get a fairing & deal w wind buffing. So I’m turning to y’all...
  2. Challenger Headlight

    Indian Challenger
    Saw some headlight references on other threads but thought we might benefit from giving it it's own thread. I just got the Eagle GenIII Halo headlight for the Challenger and tried to hook it up with no luck. When plugged in, it will not come on - neither low or high beam - and the high beam...
  3. Memphis Shades Headlight Riser Kit for Scout

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Brand new condition with instructions. $12 shipped.
  4. Headlight Bucket Vibration

    Indian Scout
    Does anyone else notice that the headlight bucket on the Scout just isn't mounted that well, or is it just mine? Both of the adjustment screws are torqued to the specs in the service manual, but it seems like the whole assembly is just wobbly. When I go down the road at night, I can definitely...
  5. 2014 Chieftain LED Light Help Needed

    Indian Chieftain
    I purchased these lights (Headlight & Driving lights) for my 2014 Chieftain The headlight was plug and play and seems to run without issue. When I connect the driving lights though, they do not come on at all. I've read...
  6. Swap Scout Headlight for Bobber w/Nacelle

    Indian Scout Guides and How-To's
    I imagine others have swapped original Scout headlight for Bobber light with nacelle: any advice on what's involved, costs, considerations? Do forks have to be removed? Easy do it yourself job? Same size light (& bucket)? Any tips or photos appreciated!! Best, David
  7. Hello from South Dakota!

    New Member Introduction Forum
    I just figured that I'd say hello to anyone that cares. I've never been one for internet forums, but holy cow, the information on here is infinite! I am from SE South Dakota and I ride a red 2015 Indian Scout. I got it almost a year ago and I have been in love with it ever since. I bought it...
  8. J.W. Speaker Adaptive headlight

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I just installed a J.W. Speaker adaptive headlight & passing lights, I was impressed with the cornering lighting it provides when the bike leans into the turns. Installation was not terrible, biggest thing was of course getting the housing off (vintage) the shop manual does not really discuss...
  9. Scout Bobber LED headlight install

    Indian Scout
    I just recently purchased an Eagle Lights Gen III LED headlight for my bobber. I'm fairly inexperienced at wrenching, and could use some advice on the install. After taking out the stock headlight, I'm not sure how to take off the mounting ring from the old headlight and put it on the new LED...
  10. Headlamp malfunction. Not happy. (high beam indicator flashing)

    Indian Dark Horse
    So this morning I hopped on my bike to head to work and my high beam indicator was flashing. Checked my lights and had none no low beam or high beam. Figured okay my bulbs bad couldn't see a broken filament but decided to get one anyway. Had the old one out and about 2 minutes was about to put...
  11. Sold

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    Please delete.
  12. Indian Pathfinder LED Headlight For Sale

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Purchased for $400, decided to go with an aftermarket light. In great shape, no scratches and works perfectly. About six months old. If you want LED and want to keep your bike "All Indian" with OEM this is about your only choice. $225 shipped anywhere in the US, foreign shipping at actual cost.
  13. Whiter - Brighter & Safer Headlights for your Indian Only $67.43 - Mike Mas

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Mike Mas Living here in the Chattahoochee National Forest - In North Georgia, when it gets dark, these narrow winding roads can be quite a challenge. I usually ride to the “2 Wheels” Restaurant in Suches, Ga in the evening and hang out with the guys, so its not unusual for me to come home after...
  14. No High Beam on Chieftain

    Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    No high beam on my Chieftain. I normally ride with my high beam on during the day for visibility. Fired it up today and the blue high beam indicator flashed momentarily and then turned off. The high beam itself turns on for one second and then switches to the low beam as the indicator light...

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Im looking for a black trim ring for the scout headlight (like the one on a 60). I'll trade you my chrome bezel if you'd like, or tell me your price...) Big thanks! David B Austin
  16. LED OEM Headlamp for sale

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Indian OEM part number 2412961. Factory retail is $389! Removed from a Roadmaster with 1200 miles on it. I bought an expensive replacement that I prefer. I understand that the Chiefs don't have an LED headlamp, so you may want the OEM upgrade. $100 plus shipping. The OEM uses the same mounting...
  17. Chrome headlight bezel off Roadmaster

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    30.00 plus shipping *SOLD* Pm for pics.. -J
  18. Low Beam aimed low

    Indian Scout Sixty
    So my bright is great, but my low seems like it aims straight to the ground. maybe 15 yards of visibility while moving. Anyone else have this issue? It looks like I could loosen the bolts behind it and aim it up.
  19. *

    Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
  20. Custom Turn Signals

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    So I hated the OEM egg-yolk-colored, single function only turn signals. Our lights have a constant power with switched ground, so most offerings are incompatible even in the single-function variety. I believe the more lit up you are, the safer. My goal here is to come up with a way to have...