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  1. Headdress on 2019 Dark Horse

    Indian Springfield
    Hey guys - I just noticed the headdress on my 19 springfield dark horse doesn't illuminate. When I questioned dealer why it doesn't, they said the "limited" models don't come wired and the fenders can't handle the weight?!? Anyone heard this or my dealer just lazy? Thanks
  2. FS: OEM Chrome Headdress License Plate Frame - SOLD!

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Headdress License Plate Frame | Indian Motorcycle This Frame is currently out of stock on the Indian site - retails for $90. Asking $45 (includes shipping). Since there are slight marks from the Chrome Bullet Fasteners I used, I'm including them in the deal - they typically go for about $10.
  3. Make fun if you must...

    Indian Motorcycle Pictures & Videos
    but sometimes I'm in a situation to get crafty. Spending time with wife and mother-in-law leads to this...