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  1. evolution (from HD to Indian)

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    Hello everyone! I'm from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil but I'm moving sooner to Ireland (Dublin). Here I own a Harley Davidson FXDC 2013 which gave my much joy and happiness but also terrible headaches. I'm planning to buy a motorcycle in Ireland and I've made up my mind I won't go back to HD. Since I...
  2. HD Livewire price announced: $29,799

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    Electric Harley-Davidson LiveWire priced at $29,799 Electric Harley-Davidson LiveWire priced at $29,799 No Juice for Harley Davidson's Turnaround: LiveWire Is a Nonstarter -- The Motley Fool
  3. Hog Sales down sharply for 4th straight year.

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    Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Sales Are Going Through the Floor, Survey Finds
  4. My dad attended a Cannonball Run in Bowling Green, OH.

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    Here's a few pictures he took of some vintage coolness.. we will work on his photography skills...
  5. Can any Ex- or current HD Riders help me with Tech question?

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    The only thing Indian about this question is the fact that I ride one and I need help understanding something about an HD. Yesterday, we were at the local HD dealership so my wife could kick the tires on a 2010 Heritage CVO she has spotted. I was listening to it run and noticed an odd sound...
  6. Large Motorcycles are Dying in the US: And Harley Davidson is Dying Fastest

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    Article on the Bike Bandit blog. I'm not a Harley hater, this is bad news for all of us. Since HD sells the most, they're going to be hardest hit when the market turns down. Indian might be picking up a little of their market share, but in the long run this is going to hurt the supply of the...
  7. HD used to be my dream bike, until...

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    My name is Alan Bell, I am a CPA and always dreamed of one day owning a Harley Davidson. I owned a Honda Shadow 600 in the late 90's and loved it but had to sell it due to family obligations and responsibilities. So, last year, I bought a used 2006 Fatboy and really liked it and made the mistake...
  8. My first Americade, Lake George NY Experience

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    Hey Everyone, This was the first year I was able to make it all the way up to Lake George to experience Americade. I was fortunate enough to join a pack of HD riders who I never met personally along with one member of my IMRG. We met at a small restaurant around 10am on friday. I was the first...
  9. Harley-Davidson Slump Continuing?

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    Did Harley-Davidson Inc. Make Its Numbers by Using This Tactic -- Again?! -- The Motley Fool
  10. HARLEY SUCKS per Consumer Reports but where's Indian??

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    Here's a report on the best American motorcycle per Consumer Reports....but where's Indian??? The Best Motorcycle in America Is Not Harley-Davidson -- The Motley Fool .
  11. Harley-Davidson's Loss is Polaris Industries' Gain

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    The thread Title says it all. Harley-Davidson's Loss Is Polaris Industries' Gain (HOG,PII) "The big bike maker blamed discounting by its rivals as the cause of the shortfall. One of those rivals is Polaris Industries (NYSE PII), best known for its off-road vehicles but also for successfully...
  12. Harley Davidson Suffering from Major Recalls

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    Read all about it here; Harley-Davidson Suffering from Major Recalls Hey don't hate me, I'm just reporting the news!! [happy] .
  13. Brake Failure on the HD Street 750

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    Harley-Davidson Street 750's Brakes Completely Fail In Magazine Test Could this be HD's next recall?? .