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  1. Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    Just bought a ‘16 Chief Darkhorse with 16” apehangers; love the bike, but the bars are rolled a tad bit too far back for my tastes. Not having a manual yet, how in the heck do you get to the clamp, so you can loosen them up a bit for adjustment? Obviously I found the two screws on top of the...
  2. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    my indian dealer quoted me 350$ in labor to install reduced reach handle bars. 120$ per hour. YouTube videos show about an hour. What’s up?
  3. Indian Scout
    Hey folks - I went through 3/4 versions of handle bars for my scout and sold off all but one. I am trying to determine if it is "in fact" reduced reach see pic. appreciate your help.
  4. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Ok so I have been on every site on the internet looking for some drag style bars for my Scout. Does anyone have some recommendations on ones that look cool that wont kill my back to much. I like the riding style of the stock bars but they look wonky. Thinking these as for now. No I don't want...
  5. Indian Scout
    I'm wanting to order the drag bars for my Scout. Are they shipping them regularly now, or is there still a wait? Oh, and Happy New Year!!!
  6. Indian Scout
    I love my Scout. I love my Scout and I'm a stock kind of guy. 15 bikes in and I've never modified anything on any of them (not counting tires). But, after a couple road trips and some rough commuting in the city, I've started to think about an old quote people say about living in Seattle...
  7. Indian Scout
    Loving my Scout. I'm interested in fitting some alternative bars. I tried the OEM mini apes but I don't like the look of them on the bike. What I really like is the curved, swept back bars like the early Fatboys used to carry : It's particularly the turned down, slightly not horizontal bar...
  8. Indian Springfield
    I want to replace my 2014 Chief Vintage handlebars. I like the looks of the bars on the new Springfield. Are they the same bend of bars that the dark horse has? Also can Indians new mid rise bars fit the Vintage? The Indian website says no but I'm not so sure. I wonder if we can buy the bars...
  9. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    touring bars 4 in taller than stock....... bout time... to bad they are on supply chain delay
  10. Indian Chief Vintage
    Just got back the Vintage with the new Praire Bars installed. Indian of McKinney (Freedom Powersports) did a great job, as always. Changed out the master cylinder Nader warranty and detailed the bike as well. Looks are subjective, I think these rock. Very relaxed riding position. More miles...
  11. Indian Scout
    Warbonnet is now offering beach bars for the Scout. 33.5 inches wide and they come back farther than stock bars. It allows you to sit upright and comfortable. It tends to make the Scout look even more Retro. I am current using them on my bike and it gets a lot of attention. Check it out at...
1-11 of 12 Results