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  1. Indian Chief Vintage
    Hi All... I just got a 2001 Indian vintage. Naturally I love it. I am having one minor problem. While trying to install the Indian leather handlebar bag that attaches to the headlight nacelle, I cannot get the screws to properly lineup to install the bag after removing the original screws. it...
  2. Indian Chief Vintage
    Hi, Is it safe to remove the 2 screws that hold the handlebar bad to the bar cover? I tried loosening them and it seems that something may drop inside once the screw is removed? TIA
  3. Indian Chief Classic
    Has anyone installed the handlebar of windshield bad on their classic? Pros or cons? It looks like the handlebar bar bag is a little bigger and maybe more secure? Going to run down to the dealers and take a look, I think they have a few handlebar bags installed. Not sure I like how the...
1-3 of 3 Results