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  1. 2018 Indian Scout - Willow Green / Ivory White- Many Options

    Indian Motorcycles For Sale / Wanted
    Asking $10,700. Located in Concord, NC. Delivery possible within 200 miles for a price. 2018 Indian Scout in showroom condition. About 4,700 miles. Excellent condition. All services done by dealer since new. Price a new one with these same options and it will be well above $15K (see below)...
  2. Active GPS Tracking device drains battery. Flat in 4 days.

    Indian Chieftain
    In 2018, a Trakking device was fitted to my new Indian Springfield motorcycle in Suffolk, UK. (Prior to this the bike had been fitted with a S4 security system. This caused electronic malfunction and fused the VCM requiring a new module. That item was removed). However, it is clear that an...
  3. Trip mapping websites/software?

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I did a search but didn't find much of anything on this - when planning a longer route, what websites or software do you use? I'm considering a trip from SW Michigan to Portland, OR in the next year or two & wonder about planning for hotel reservations, gas stations, etc. Would like to be able...
  4. A Scout Adventure

    Indian Scout
    Howdy, Here is a picture of a used 2018 Scout I picked up from Craig's List. I was taking the test ride when it rolled over on 4000 miles.
  5. Accessory fuse question / GPS wiring

    Indian FTR1200
    I want to install a GPS on my SRR. I have a Motorrad IV (Garmin Zumo 660) on my R1200RT that works great. I saw there was an accessory fuse in the fusebox (Indian says don’t use it in the manual?). I didn’t see an obvious place to tie into it and I didn’t want to tear the airbox covers off to...
  6. Any good GPS tracker ??

    Indian Scout
    hi folks ,i need a good GPS tracker for my scout,many of you know the benefits of it ,i heard this product from one of my friends Product - Vehicle Tracking System - VAMOSYS said this was good ,but need more suggestions to compare ,the tracker is dirt cheap around 20 $ ,i need a tracker which...
  7. Map update invalid package

    Indian Chieftain
    I updated my Ride command system a couple of days ago on my 2018 Chieftain Limited. All went perfect with that. Now I tried to update the maps and I get an “ Invalid Package” you need to restart your screen error. The current map update shows oct2016. It works good just wanted to update to...
  8. Dear Indian....Please add a dealership POI to Ride Command NAV

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Anyone else besides me wish Indian had a POI dealer locator for the nav system? I miss that feature when traveling. On my HD, it was nice to be able to pull up the nearest dealership to my location in the event of an emergency or just wanting to visit.
  9. Ride Command GPS Through Headset

    Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    I did a search but did not see this particular question. I have everything connected and working. My Samsung Note 8 is connect to RC as is my Sena 10S Bluetooth Headset. I can receive and make calls via the headset. I also saw a setting for the option to play music through the headset or the...

    Indian Roadmaster
    HI everyone, I wanna ask about how to update the GPS MAP. I already used my flash drive to create a key from my bike. But I cannot find the website for download the map. The bike show me surf the website "". But I cannot find anything. Does here anyone know how to...
  11. The "Dashboard" is now smaller!

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    After some requests we have reduced the size of the Thunder Works "DASHBOARD". It is now lighter weight and easier to position on your handlebars. It still boasts 600 WATTS of power and holds your phone securely. Finally you can have music, phone charging and GPS on a non-fairing bike. The unit...
  12. Are You - a distracted driver?

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I noticed some interesting and disturbing responses on a different motorcycle thread so I am starting this thread here in Indian Land to address these issues straight up. Lots and lots of behavioral research agrees that: People who fiddle with their phones and other gadgets while operating a...
  13. Route Planning

    Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    I had big dreams of planning a route ahead of time and following that route on the bikes built in navigation. It is a little more complicated than I pictured it. How do new Chieftain and Roadmaster owners do this on the Ride Command system? Can you use an app on the phone that you can download...
  14. Ride Command Map

    Indian Roadmaster
    Does anyone know which company provides the Map data for the RC? I doubt it's the same source as my Garmin Zumo 650. When I convert any Basecamp / Zumo route to RC using the Indian GPX Converter, they are about 200' out of sync with each other.
  15. 2017 Roadmaster Classic Peccadillos

    Indian Motorcycle Reviews, Rides and Impressions
    I just rolled over 2000 km on my Classic. It is the fulfillment of a dream for me and it is almost a wet dream except for a few things. I could expound on all the wonderful things that is Roadmaster but I wanted to share some of the anomalies/errors I have found on the bike. - centre of...
  16. Heads-Up Display (GPS)

    Indian Roadmaster
    I recently installed a Q7 GPS Heads Up Display on my 2015 Roadmaster. The HUD is attached with heavy duty Velcro strip, and plugged into the dash power socket. Stock windshield was adjusted to my favourite riding position for correct alignment of the transparent reflective film. The Q7 GPS...
  17. New GPS assist glove looking for funding.

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Interesting idea to help navigate without having to look at a map (or a 7" touch screen;)). TurnPoint Smart Motorcycle Glove Motorcycle gloves put navigation on the back of your hand
  18. Selling Indian Cellphone Holder and Rokform Case System Indian Part Number 2880043

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    SOLD Mount! Still have the Rok Form Case for the Samsung EDGE S7 SOLD (NEW- Never Installed - Still in Packaging) Indian Cellphone Holder Part Number 2880043 Still have a Rokform Case System to fit the Samsung Edge S7. Was going to use, but changed phones, and they dont make a case for...
  19. GPS Recommendations

    Indian Scout Sixty
    Does anyone use a GPS that is not hardwired into the bike? If so, what do you use and how long does it last between chargings?
  20. Best Place to wire in GPS power (Zumo 590LM)?

    Indian Chieftain
    Looking for the best way/place to tie in my Garmin Zumo GPS power cabling. Maybe the music and other features as well, but that is just a bonus, if you did it... I have my mount on the right handlebar close to the fairing. I have yet to dive into my fairing, so any Pictures and Instructions are...