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  1. Indian’s ‘Welcome to the Family’ Gift

    New Member Introduction Forum
    This is my second Scout, so I’ve already been a member of the ‘fam’ for a couple of years now, but Indian still sent me a nice little gift package in the mail today. Along with my honorary IMRG membership they included a ‘cord organizer,’ presumably so I can keep the cords that power my...
  2. New Welcome Gift in the works?

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    It's been a little over 8 weeks since I got my Chieftain Dark Horse and I have been checking the mail a little more regularly lately waiting for my welcome gift to come. I didn't get it yet, but I did get this notice today. I wonder what it will be??
  3. Goofy videos are our thing. Motorcycle Gift Idea #37 – Drink Holder

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    OK, so actors we are NOT, but we can poke a little fun at our Minnesota humor – OH, and at the moment, select styles of this Roadrunner drink holder are marked down by $10! Motorcycle Drink Holders | Leader Motorcycle Accessories
  4. And the Oscar goes to --Biker Gift Idea #40 - GPS Mount!!

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    So we get bit stir crazy as the weather changes and keeps us inside more. o_OThis is what happens when I gather my friends and family and start playing with the video option on my phone. Does make a great gift idea however and made in the USA!
  5. Looking for gift ideas ~ Holiday Struggle

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    It is that time of year and I struggle with coming up with gift ideas for the bikers in my family. I put a list together that I thought I would share with you all. 'Tis the Season: Biker Gift Ideas Would love to hear your ideas or love to hear what your favorite gift has been! :)