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  1. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    At Thunder Works we make a little device to hold your gas cap while filling up. Some don't need it but those that have it agree it is a nice easy way to put it in the same place and not lose it. Anyway we sell quite a few. But I just found out that the 2019 bikes are a little different so I had...
  2. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    We introduced the black gas cap holder a while back. Some people think it is stupid and others really like it. It is not the most essential accessory you will ever buy but I use one and find it reassuring to have. I have a habit of putting my cap in the holder and I know I will not lose it if I...
  3. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Thunder Works has a new product. It is a small bracket that holds your gas cap while you fill up. Many of the 111's don't have a good place to put the cap. This mounts on the side of the engine and is visually minimal but it holds the gas cap secure. You can use it while sitting on the bike. It...
1-3 of 3 Results