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  1. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I bought a used 2016 Scout in September 2021 with approximately 4800 miles on it. Bought it from the Indian dealer in Sturgis South Dakota. It had all OEM required services done.(They gave me copies of the service records). I now have about 7000 miles on it and I’m ready to do an interim service...
  2. Indian Scout
    Greetings, In a recent storm, a tree collapsed into a roof/wall and caused a harley parked next to my bike to tilt into it and the handlebar completely scratched the tank. I'm counting my blessings, there was no other damage (slight tear of the seat, but no biggie) , the dents can be hammered...
  3. Motorcycle Riding Gear & Accessories
    G'day, I love my 1993 BMW R100RT, but it is just getting too hard to find the right mechanic for a 30-yo bike with carburetors. I'm looking at getting a 2022 SCL, but I don't think the design team got it quite right (yeah, it's a cruiser got it, but it clearly has 'short touring' in mind)...
  4. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Does anyone know what the three spots on the underside of the tank are? They are on the right side and they look like a couple of welds. I did a search before posting this and didn't come up with anything.
  5. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I have noticed a few people complaining about the Scout's lack of legs, and with my Roadmaster I am frequently looking for gas after about 150 miles. The distance-to-empty death clock generally gives me a range of about 173 miles with a full, although occasionally it is closer to 200. I assume...
  6. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I'm waiting to take a delivery of January 2016 built Indian Chief Vintage in Star Silver and Black (trading in 2015 Vintage). I walked around the bike in the showroom and I was disappointed. It appears, Indian/Polaris is no longer finishing off their tanks by cleaning up weld marks before...
  7. Gilroy Indian Models
    Hiya folks, So I filled up the bike with gas today and noticed some fuel leakage under the bike. I freaked out and went looking for the source and I couldn't find anything at or near the carb but the fuel was definitely coming out of my bike. I gave it 20 minutes to evaporate and left it...
  8. Indian Chief Vintage
    Put gas in the bike for first time today. Tried to push the nozzle down to where the shutoff cup on the nozzle would cover the opening on the tank, wouldn't go. So I see there's a little bar down there spanning the opening. Is that normal? Do you have to fill up by eye?
1-9 of 9 Results