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  1. Indian FTR1200
    Haven't seen any mention of this on the board yet. Has anybody noticed anything strange about Bryan Smith's FTR750? Here is a stock FTR750 for comparison: Smith is running a completely different chassis...
  2. Indian Scout Performance & Suspension
    Looks like Indian has allowed Cycle World to dyno test the FTR1200 Custom and publish the results!
  3. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Seems Indian Motorcycle of Northern Kentucky just got in a brand new FTR750. It's a mystery mostly, since no one seems to remember anyone ordering one. But if you show up maybe they'll give you a peep…Price tag $50,000? Can that be right?
  4. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Here is a relatively new Article Interview: Polaris speak on the 'tough' Victory decision and Indian's 'aggressive racing' future - Motofire Interview with Grant Bester in EMEA, more for the racing line of business for Indian Seems to indicate at the bottom of the article a Indian electric...
  5. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    The Indian Scout FTR750 is now available to buy (but there's a catch) - Motofire Everyone's that's expressed how much they want the bike... time to come in to your local dealer and drop $50k to get your order in!!!
1-5 of 5 Results