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  1. Indian FTR1200
    What does everyone think of the FTR 1200S Rear brakes? In STD mode I can stand on the lever and does not noticeably slow the bike. Take ABS and traction control off and it will lock the rear wheel. Dealer seems to think their all the same. Thoughts?
  2. Indian FTR1200
    Has anyone else experienced this? Definitely antifreeze. Right rear cylinder to head.
  3. Indian FTR1200
    I want to install a GPS on my SRR. I have a Motorrad IV (Garmin Zumo 660) on my R1200RT that works great. I saw there was an accessory fuse in the fusebox (Indian says don’t use it in the manual?). I didn’t see an obvious place to tie into it and I didn’t want to tear the airbox covers off to...
  4. Indian FTR1200
    I’d like to start off by saying, I got my FTR! Post a picture of yours when you get em!
  5. Indian FTR1200
    So here we are, roughly 6 years into the Indian Motorcycle resurrection via Polaris and they've officially puffed out their chests with a fully developed standalone high performance motorcycle, their first focused attempt at taking on the international market. Opinions aside, lets take a look at...
1-6 of 6 Results