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  1. Indian FTR1200
    However, the Indian FTR 1200 was not just a stand alone motorcycle. Indian is using the platform of the flat-track motorcycle to develop two more new models. Data from a presentation has been shared by MotorbikeWriter and the slide actually reveals that Indian Motorcycles is on the verge of...
  2. Indian FTR1200
    So here we are, roughly 6 years into the Indian Motorcycle resurrection via Polaris and they've officially puffed out their chests with a fully developed standalone high performance motorcycle, their first focused attempt at taking on the international market. Opinions aside, lets take a look at...
  3. Indian FTR1200
    Like I suspect most of us, I've spent several hours looking at the videos, reading the articles, studying the Indian web site. I like what I see-but I'm left with a question. What market niche or category does this bike fall in? I see it as a "scrambler", a bike that can handle urban streets...
  4. Indian FTR1200
    Love love love this bike and I'm hoping to get one in a couple years! 2019 Indian FTR 1200 S Motorcycle | Indian Motorcycle
  5. Indian FTR1200
    At the 0:38 sec mark of this video it talks about Optional Low and High Akrapovic Slip-on available as an option
  6. Indian FTR1200
    FTR 1200: The Story Behind The Bike | Indian Motorcycle FTR $12,999 FTR-S $14,999 New Heads, Dual TB's and other engine info
  7. Indian FTR1200
    FTR 1200: The Story Behind The Bike | Indian Motorcycle I actually can't remember where, (maybe shadetree?) but there were spy pics of the bike 3 or so weeks ago.. But it was very much what was revealed today. To me, if the actual FTR didn't exist, this would be a rad looking bike. I still...
  8. FTR

    Indian FTR1200
    I'm watching the Facebook live vid of the FTR1200 reveal. It doesn't look just like the custom bike but it's f'ing awesome.
  9. Indian FTR1200
    Looks better than initially thought. I know it resembles a lot of Ducati Scrambler but, I might just trade my scout in for this...
  10. Indian FTR1200
    Lookin like indian sales are gonna go through the roof with this one. Looks like a home run all around. The only thing I personally probably wouldn't like are the mid controls on long rides. But love everything else. Enjoy!
  11. Indian FTR1200
    I’m hoping Indian does something special for the first 500 ftr1200 like Mayb a small limited tag on it somewhere with the number it was made , like the person who wins the contest gets the first one off the production line so there tag would say 001. Has Indian done anything like that before ...
  12. Indian FTR1200
    To me, the statement below doesn't inspire confidence. “We wanted to make sure that the FTR 1200 wasn’t merely a regurgitation of the FTR 1200 Custom, but something uniquely ‘street,’ albeit flat track inspired,” said senior Indian Motorcycle designer, Rich Christoph.
  13. Indian FTR1200
    Looks like this bike will be unveiled on October 1.
  14. Indian FTR1200
    It's been a credible rumor for a while that three new models will be released, which was then then backed up with the spy photo, and with the patent diagrams, it's now essentially proven that there will be 3 models, all FTRs, with three different engines. What do you think those engines will...
  15. Indian FTR1200
    Hot on the heels of the leaked photo that's been circulating, Polaris/Indian has submitted patent filings for what appears to be a close replica of same. Article here
  16. Indian FTR1200
    Check out the exhaust, lights, what looks like dual rear shocks, plate mount, etc. Is this the new Indian FTR 1200? - Motorbike Writer
  17. Indian FTR1200
    Just got a new email talking about the FTR750 American flat track races and the ftr1200 I’m curious if Mayb at the last AFT race in October in jersey if they’ll release it there? Indian is prob reading all these posts and laughing at us
  18. Indian FTR1200
    This is a nice looking bike , apart from the chain drive ..retro gone too far :)
1-20 of 32 Results