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  1. Indian FTR1200
    Been meaning to throw this together for a while now, our official 1 year anniversary was in November. Not a fan of long winded high detail reviews on performance or maintenance, there's a lot of that out there, so I'll just drop some brief insight on what it's like to live with and let the...
  2. Indian FTR1200
    Heads up from a lesson learned the hard way today. Given the warm up needed for the FTR I typically start it while standing beside it and let it warm up while im putting on my helmet and gear. Bad idea. I turned on the ignition, put it into neutral, neutral light on, hit start. The bike...
  3. Indian Scout
    This is a great video explaining some of the physics behind the Scouts superior power over Harley. It’s so pro Indian it could have come from their PR department. ((Although this guy generally tells it like it is). Somehow it escaped my many months of YouTube dumpster diving. I had to watch it...
  4. Indian FTR1200
    Finally got around to wiring up an ABS switch for my base model 2019 FTR 1200. There are a number of ways to go about doing this, the way I'm doing it is probably the simplest and a fairly typical solution for bikes with non-switchable ABS. This will, of course, cause your ECU to throw a few...
  5. Indian FTR1200
    i think it looks really good on the carbon ftr and i would like to get a non carbon fiber one for my hooligan, anyone know if there is a manufacturer that makes them?? i have been searching for days but cant seem too find anyone.
  6. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    For context, I’m 5’2 and 104lbs female. Ive been riding motorcycles for 12 plus years. Ive had everything from Harley’s to sport bikes . This is the first Indian I’ve ever owned, let alone a bike this tall. Now don’t get me wrong, I can ride it just fine, I know how to adjust my riding style...
  7. Indian FTR1200
    My two Christmas presents: Kiowa Saddlebag with snap clips and lock MRA Vario Windshield Ain't she purdy?
  8. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    More often than not, when you ask somebody what they love most about their Scout, FTR, or Challenger you'll get the same answer, the engine. For me it has always been at the core of my Indian addiction, it's what drew me to the Scout and it's exactly the reason I now ride an FTR. It has been...
  9. Indian FTR1200
    I'll be darned if I see anything in the small white plastic window that is supposedly used to view the cooling fluid level. Is there some magic trick?
  10. Indian FTR1200
    I dropped the bike and broke the front brake lever. Indian seems to only sell the whole damn brake assembly for $250. Are there and alternatives?
  11. Indian FTR1200
    I recently bought a 2019 FTR S. I really like the power and handling, however the suspension is overly harsh. Has anyone found a solution for that? I know that there are damper adjustments, but even full out the compression damping feels too stiff to me. Ideas? Also, if there is someone who has...
  12. Indian FTR1200
    Has anyone else noticed there is no 2020 FTRs in dealerships or on the website? Hmm...
  13. Indian FTR1200
    I dont own one, and likely never will. I'm very happy to see Indian reaching out to a different demographic. I think it's great for the brand. Most new vehicles will have alot of bugs to be worked out. With that said, do you think some of the issues that are being reported should have been...
  14. Indian FTR1200
    Been reading on here for a while regarding the fueling issue many of us are having on our new FTR's, mine included. I work at a dealership and talked to the customer support team at Indian. They are aware of it and are working on a reflash. While he couldn't say exactly when it would be...
  15. Indian FTR1200
    This is the connector under the left side cover. Does anyone know what it’s called or where to get the male version? Still trying to figure out the most convenient (and elegant) way to hook up a Garmin Zumo 660 GPS. I didn’t test to see if it was switched or open for something like an AGM...
  16. Indian FTR1200
    I’d like to start off by saying, I got my FTR! Post a picture of yours when you get em!
  17. Indian FTR1200
    Just stopped into my dealer to check on status and inquire about the $400 cash back on accessories and came across an interesting tidbit. During the dealer ride in Vegas, a rider came back and checked in their bike and the tech said "you did 3 wheelies", naturally the rider denied any such...
  18. Indian FTR1200
    I was at Head Indian, Columbia, Mo today and the owner was telling me the FTRs will be delivered first of March. Accordingly, they are very responsive with some nice options. Some are all ready bought and paid for. He has 8 of them coming.
1-19 of 42 Results