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  1. Indian Scout
    INTRO THREAD: I just purchased a 2016 Scout non abs, it has 2900 miles. Very nice bike for the price. First thing I noticed was the brake and clutch lever. They’re aftermarket and the kuryakyn brand. Both have a lot of free play up and down. All bolts are tight. I saw a post where...
  2. Indian FTR1200
    Hello fellow FTR owners! After 6 weeks of waiting I finally picked up my ride yesterday. She's an absolute beauty! I purchased this bike to add to my collection since i've never owned this type of bike before, it was worth the wait. So, I'm going through the entire bike and noticed a huge...
  3. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Does anybody know where to purchase clear/smoke front fork reflectors for an Indian Scout Bobber Sixty? I have considered covering them with the Wunderkind Custom Front Fork Reflector Covers, but I think I'd rather replace them with a clear/smoke reflector. These reflectors would also match...
  4. Indian Scout Performance & Suspension
    Hi, I have a problem with the front forks of my 2021 Scout Bobber, I must do the maintenance. I need to know exactly the amout of oil needed for any fork. How can I find that info? Any service manual? Thanks, greetings from Italy.
  5. Indian Scout
    I thought about selling my bike because of the speed wobble and rocking in the corners and couldn't figure out why until I started searching on here. Tire psi and rear shocks are adjusted correctly. Are progressive springs and heavier oil the best bang for the buck upgrade? I just started...
1-5 of 5 Results