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  1. Gilroy Indian Models
    For several weeks I have been working on a project to install dual exhausts on my 2010 KM Chief. I did not install fishtails, I was cheap and bought the conventional pipes from ebay. They were finally installed last weekend. Delays were mostly due to not having enough time and having to figure...
  2. Gilroy Indian Models
    :rolleyes: OK, so I stole the title from someplace else in the forums. I acquired a 2010 Chief Vintage a couple of months ago. It is a cool bike and it is stock with the exception of some leather. While it looks "older" and classic, it may give the appearance that it is lighter. After...
  3. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Anybody out there install the Freedom true dual header pipes on their Chief and if so, how do you feel about 'em ? How do they affect HP, torque, MPG etc. Worth it ? Thanks in advance, Ride safe and Good luck All.
  4. Indian Chieftain
    OMG!! Just picked my Chieftain Darkhorse up after having Freedom True Duals, Cams, & Air Filter done. It's a totally new bike!! The difference in sound alone ruined my "bad biker" image because I couldn't wipe the HUGE smile off my face riding it home! The response is amazing & the heat is much...
1-4 of 4 Results