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  1. Indian Motorcycles For Sale / Wanted
    Price Change: $13,500 For sale is a 2017 Indian Chief Vintage. The price is discounted on the account of relatively high miles, but I am willing to entertain realistic, and thoughtful offers. I bought this bike new with the intention of riding it, and that I did. It has always been dealer...
  2. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    I am looking for a set of black wind deflector mounts. I purchased the wind deflectors from Freedom Shields but now I cannot find the mounts anywhere. Please help!!
  3. Indian Motorcycle Reviews, Rides and Impressions
    Here’s my review on the freedom shield that I put on my Indian Chief dark horse. Thanks Marcus for the aftermarket bracket.
  4. Indian Scout
    Okay i am looking at getting the Freedom Shield but dont want to have to purchase the OEM Windshield just for the brackets and turn around to buy the Freedom shield. Would Anyone have any brackets they would like to sell?
  5. Motorcycle Riding Gear & Accessories
    I wanted to buy Freedom shield for my Scout when found out that FS doesn't ship to Europe. Shipping with intermediary in US will twice the price. Does anyone knows where to buy FS in Europe?
  6. Indian Scout
    Hello all, I am hearing great things about these Freedom Windshields. As you all know, the OEM shield SUCKS and doesn’t matter what size you go with. When I first bought my Scout, I regrettably found a used (new condition) 18” OEM shield, not knowing any better I jumped on that “deal”.... & have...
  7. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Here is a little test using a smoke bomb in front of a Springfield. It shows how the smoke flows up and over your head. Unfortunately, I bought lousy smoke bombs. They only lasted a minute or so. Anyway for a moment you can see how the wind flows over your head once up to speed. At...
  8. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    For sale is a 16" Dark Tint Freedom Shield brand windshield. It was just a little to tall for the driver - he switched to a 14". Bike always stored indoors. $75 plus shipping
  9. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    We have a low price deal on a 12" Freedom Shield (light grey tint) that fits on the Springfield only. It is much lower and allows you to look over the top edge or the shield. $115 plus shipping. This is a savings of about $100. Only have one. It is new and never used. If you are 5'-9" or less it...
  10. Motorcycle Riding Gear & Accessories
    I recently changed my OEM accessory windshield to a Freedom Shield (has an upper AirCurve flip) on my 2016 Chief Classic. The OEM shield caused buffeting at freeway speeds and yielded a generally uncomfortable ride. The Freedom Shield really improved the airflow over the top of the windshield...
1-10 of 10 Results