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  1. Indian Challenger
    I'm hoping someone here has figured this out. I have a pair of decent AM fog lights mounted to my Challenger. I have the entire harness and VCM from Indian for the fog lights (button too) and it's all wired up and activated. The lights turn on, but then after a few seconds, they turn off and...
  2. Thunder Stroke 111 Common Problems/Issues
    Have the stage 2 cams. Had a Dobeck EJK installed at the same time. When I decelerate, there is a define spot where it is no longer "smooth". A point where it drops off and engine braking begins. I was NOT LIKE THIS BEFORE CAMS. If I decelerate in a curve it gets to be almost scary. I...
  3. Indian Scout
    Hey guys, All was working fine (all four of my turn signals were as shiny as it gets). Then one fine day my bike's battery was TOTALLY drained. As in, the damn thing wouldn't light anyhting up on the dash. Jumpstarted it and all went fine form there. I thought I messed up something on the...
1-3 of 3 Results