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  1. Scout BOBBER fairings! PLZ HELP!!!!

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    So I’ve been dying to get a fairing. I’ve looked high & low for reviews, pictures, & fitment or installs on fairings for the bobbers. All I’ve found are some of the uglier, bigger, bulky fairings that aren’t my style. I’m scared to get a fairing & deal w wind buffing. So I’m turning to y’all...
  2. Additional Parts for the Memphis Shades Gauntlet?

    Indian Scout
    Hello everybody! I have a 2017 Indian Scout and just recently purchased a fairing from Memphis Shades. I’m just curious if anyone else has purchased these and if so what additional parts did you need for them to fit. I’ve found the turn signal relocater, headlight extension block, and the...
  3. Got my Scout Fairing!!

    Indian Scout
    Today the kind UPS man brought me my new OEM Fairing, which I've been awaiting for some time in Brilliant Blue. I went ahead and put on the 5" mid-rise windshield to go with it. For reference when you look at the pics, I have the reduced-reach handlebars. Only two pics for now.... It was...
  4. Phantom rattle in fairing.

    Indian Chieftain
    Finally found the cause of a fairing rattle that was driving me batshit crazy as it would only do it occasionally. Found the left fairing brace had come unbolted kn one side under the fairing. Easy to correct with a few drops of blue LocTite but a PITA to get to. All better now.
  5. Any updated thoughts on the “best” Scout/Scout 60 windshield?

    Indian Scout
    Hello, all! I have never been much of a windshield guy but this riding season has been the ‘buggiest’ one I’ve ever experienced. I’m in Maine, so bugs come with the territory. But this season I’ve been pelted to a degree and extent that just boggles the mind. It’s to the point that my goggles...
  6. Chieftain - Driving Lights mounting screws in Fairing

    Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    Has anyone had problems with the mounting bolts breaking on the driving lights inside their fairing? I replaced the driving lights on a 2016 CDH with LED bulbs. I did not think I over torqued the screws, but I must have as one of the bulbs popped loose while driving. Upon disassembly and...
  7. Rattly Windshield

    Indian Roadmaster
    The streets of Montreal are a bit rough at this time of year but I noticed today that my windshield was rattling a fair bit. At a stop light, I reached up to shake it and one side was flopping. When I inspected it, it was missing 2 of the 5 screws - the centre one on the bottom and the top one...
  8. wow very cool stuff

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Until today I never knew of this hydro dipping process - very cool stuff! Hydrographics | Akron | DipWerx
  9. Hi! I'm from Surrey, BC, Canada.

    New Member Introduction Forum
    Hello fellow riders! My name is Trina Ricketts. I bought my first motorcycle, an Indian Scout Sixty, last summer. I became a regular customer of Indian Motorcycle of Langley where I bought it, and they soon offered me a position in their store. I was just getting back into the work force coming...
  10. Power in the Fairing?

    Indian Chieftain
    In need of tech help. I'm putting 3 HID ballasts in the fairing (tight squeeze, I know) and need to know if there is a power supply robust enough to handle this already in the fairing, Or will I need to run a power hub of sorts from the primary? Already considering the Denali Powerhub-2...
  11. Access to Switched and Unswitched Power in Fairing?

    Indian Roadmaster
    I would like to install my RAM cell phone mount and GPS on my 2017 Roadmaster handlebar. I've never opened the fairing before. Before I go mucking around blindly, can anyone point to a resource showing how and where to access 12v, for wiring accessories?
  12. Anybody try fitting Octane fairing on Scout?

    Indian Scout
    I been in the market for a fairing, and can't seem to find any that I like. The Rifle Nightflight Fairing seems like it will never see the light of day, and the Arlen Ness Fairing doesn't look like it would fit along with my Mini Apes. So my next option would be to see if the Victory Octane's...
  13. Road Master center fairing Q

    Indian Roadmaster
    While highway driving last week the right center fairing panel blow off the bike. It suffered some serious road rash. I went to the dealership to get it fixed. Got the we don't do body work answer. They offered to order / sell me a new panel $400. For injected mold plastic? I went to a...
  14. Indian Parts (Assorted)

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    (2) Fairings (3) Sets of slip on pipes (1) Scout exhaust pipe (2) Air filters (1) Rear wheel/rim (4) Sets of Handlebars (1) Front Fork Suspension (1) Fuel Tank Extra assorted parts in pics. All new parts, never used, been sitting, Good Condition WILL TAKE ANY OFFERS. Can buy individually, or...
  15. Rifle Windshield/Fairing ...

    Indian Scout
    So I have pretty much given up on having my windshield for my trip this summer(oh fun fun), I remember being told they would be shipping the Nightflight in late April or May when I ordered in March, I'm at the point of maybe putting an Octane flair screen on my scout, if I can even get one of...
  16. new Dirty bird concepts racetech cafe fairing for scout for sale

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Dirty bird concepts racetech/ kuryakyn café headlight fairing, for sale $120. New! Never installed or painted! All hardware, instructions and box. SOLD 08/01/16
  17. Windshield info wanted

    Indian Scout
    Hi - I have almost all of my first-year mods done - seat, mini floorboards, bags etc, to get me on the road in the Spring. I just can't decide on a windshield. I rode it home in 48* (F) temps and it wasn't all that bad, but I hate the bugs and stones, especially when the leathers come off for...
  18. cafe fairing for scout

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    dirty bird concepts racetech/ kuryakyn cafe fairing for Indian scout, new in box with all hardware and instructions, never installed, unpainted, $120. SOLD 08/01/16
  19. Front cafe fairing?

    Indian Scout
    Hello everyone! New to the forum and been riding my scout around San Diego since June 2, 2015. Been in love with her ever since. I have a question for anyone in the know. Is there a front cafe fairing made for our bike? Or one that would fit nicely?(maybe one made for a sportster?) I want a...