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  1. Indian Scout
    Hi All - I just got my 2021 Scout Bobber to 500 miles and the first thing I want to upgrade is the exhaust. I love the look of the Freedom Slip-Ons and am considering ordering them. I listened to some recordings of their sound and they sound pretty good on computer audio. Does anyone have...
  2. Indian Scout Performance & Suspension
    New Indian scout owner (soon, ordered) here. Looking to get the Bassani two into one exhaust system. Curious if any owners have the short version and bags, and has the heat damaged the bags or otherwise caused any issues? I like the look of the short version better, but if there is any concerts...
  3. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Thinking about selling my Tab slip ons with zombie baffles. $475 plus shipping. Nothing wrong with them just going with black exhaust and it’s not worth trying to powder coat. Chrome with slash tips.
  4. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    $150 plus shipping Taken off my 2020 RM DH before I took delivery of the bike
  5. Indian Scout Performance & Suspension
    I'm looking to have a listen to the Dean Speed Rampage Scout mufflers in SE Mass. Anyone have them near MOM's in Foxorough that would be willing to show them to me? I wanted to hear a set live (not iPhone recordings) them before dropping four bills. Very much appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Anyone have a pair for sale?
  7. Indian Challenger
    This has probably been answered more times than the zero times we ever went to the moon, but other than the added exhaust, the bike hasn’t been molested, other than bars and accessories. Is there any reason for me to add a PC5 or a stage one dealer “reflash”? Thank you in advance.
  8. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Replaced my Freedom True Duals with less than 300 miles on them. Taking up space in my garage now. Looking to find a new home for them. Located in Southwest Florida
  9. British Isles
    Has anyone in the UK installed a slip-on exhaust on their Springfield without a flash or retune? If so, has it affected your engine by not adjusting the fuel & air ratio? Other factors: 1. Cost - compared to Indian Stage 1 (I like the fishtail look) 2. Sound - how much louder than stock, I...
  10. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    I recently traded in my 2020 Scout for a Springfield so I am selling the accessories that I had on the Scout. I prefer PayPal for payment. I am located in Dickson City, Pa 18519. Please message me if you are interested in the exhaust. My Scout only had 644 miles on it so the exhaust is like new...
  11. Indian Scout Sixty
    My budget is a little tight for mods due to priorities set by the congress (i.e. wife and kids), so while picking up some oil for my Jeep, i passed through the exhaust section of my local auto parts chain and looked at fittings. I bought two adapters (1.75 in id x 2 in od) for 3.99 each and two...
  12. Indian Scout
    Hi all, I am looking to purchase aftermarket slip-on exhaust pipes. Primarily I want something that makes my Scout louder, and hopefully adds a little HP. For those of you that have aftermarket exhaust, what are the best slip on‘s to purchase for loudness? Also did you have to re-tune your bike...
  13. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    I have new never used, stock 12” ape hangars, stock exhaust and headers, air cleaner. All came off 2020 Springfield when I bought new, never used. Make offer
  14. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I’ve recently have undertaken to task of installing a new pair of K-Tech shocks on my Scout Bobber. In order to complete the install it appears I need to remove the top slip-on. I’ve unfastened what appears to be a tension fastener where the slip-on meets the header. I’ve also removed two other...
  15. Indian Roadmaster
    Anybody have any first hand knowledge of this product! I have a 2020 Roadmaster Elite and the exhaust of so quiet, Was going to go with the stage ones but the cost is insane I heard a video and read a couple of reviews for the Sharkroad exhaust. No baffles and sounds depp and loud. Any...
  16. Indian Scout
    Hello everyone, I’m looking for an exhaust for my Scout bobber sixty. Hoping to find something that’s in the medium loud range. And yes I know loud pipes save lives, they just aren’t my taste. Any shorties recommendation would be a plus!! I like the look of the RPW USA Villain exhaust but even...
  17. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    $350 shipped. About 750 miles on them. Came off my 2018 Scout. They have a few minor scuffs from normal wear and tear, but in good condition overall. Missing a couple of mounting bolts.
  18. Indian Scout
    I am looking for the #21886 quiet baffles for my grenade install today. They seem to have been discontinued. If anyone has a pair somewhere or can point me in a direction of someone who has them in stock. That would be great. With that said, I put new pipes on today and man that was a pain to...
1-18 of 164 Results