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  1. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    These were on Scout when I bought them. They sound incredible, but I prefer quiet pipes, because I have a lot of hearing loss already. These mount very easily right to the header pipes, and are covered up nicely by the chrome cover plates that are stock on the Scout. I'd like $199 plus $40...
    $199 USD
  2. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Figured I'd show off something that seems to be fairly unique on the scouts, fully custom made exhaust. The small handful of ones I've seen have been done on completely customized bikes at bike shops. My dad has been a sheet metal worker and welder all his life, and he's damn good at...
  3. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    I have stock slip on exhaust mufflers from my 2021 Indian Vintage Dark Horse. Asking $150.00. See photos. Free shipping in the US.
    $150 USD
  4. Indian Motorcycle Pictures & Videos
    As promised to some of you on previous threads, this thread will serve as my sort of “diary” for my rides, mods and thoughts about my new Scout Bobber. All my posts will include a photo (or a few) and my thoughts about what’s going on. So without further ado, here is my new Bobber. I opted for...
  5. Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    Hey all, have a couple questions as I work through building a custom exhaust on my 2020 scout bobber. OEM pipes are gone so I have to add 02 bungs into the new. Indian dealership ordered me these bungs in the pics, but they are too thick for the 02 sensor to exit the end of the bung. They are...
  6. Indian Challenger
    Just installed the stage 1 pipes on my Challenger. Figured I'd post a comparison video as not a ton of stuff on YouTube for these pipes. Very mild, but good base if you're looking for more of a muscle sound instead of breaking windows. Challenger Stage 1 Oval Mufflers
  7. Indian Dark Horse
    Hi all, Dumb question I'm sure - but I see some pics of the 2022 Chief Dark Horse with chrome exhaust and some with black. Not sure what the deal is. Is it some option? I searched the forum but didn't come up with an answer. My bad - found my answer. New 2022 Chief Darkhorse arrived but...
  8. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I have a 2020 Chieftain Darkhorse and just did Lloydz 585 cams and Reinhardt Slim Duals with a remote Lloydz tune. My first ride only lasted 10 minutes as the buzzing in my head quickly gave me a headache. Looking for ideas, Reinhardt doesn't sell baffles for Indian's.
  9. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Hey guys and gals, I’m hoping someone can help me out here… I ordered an Indian Scout Bobber Twenty from my local dealer in CT. It should be here in about a month (excited!). I have a general idea of the mod setup I’m looking to do, and I wonder if the Flash Tune included with Indian’s...
  10. Indian Scout
    I’ve been looking for the last few months for the Roland Sands Track Slip-On exhaust for my 21’ Scout Bobber ABS and haven’t had any luck. I’ve put myself on the “waiting list” on RevZilla already but haven’t had any luck. Anyone know where I might be able to find them in the USA?
  11. Indian Scout
    I'm seriously considering getting a set of Bassani Fishtails for my 2916 Scout. I would like to also be able to mount decent sized saddlebags. Anyone know how big I could go without interfering with the exhaust or cooking the bag/contents? Pic for tax.
  12. Indian Scout
    Hi All - I just got my 2021 Scout Bobber to 500 miles and the first thing I want to upgrade is the exhaust. I love the look of the Freedom Slip-Ons and am considering ordering them. I listened to some recordings of their sound and they sound pretty good on computer audio. Does anyone have...
  13. Indian Scout Performance & Suspension
    New Indian scout owner (soon, ordered) here. Looking to get the Bassani two into one exhaust system. Curious if any owners have the short version and bags, and has the heat damaged the bags or otherwise caused any issues? I like the look of the short version better, but if there is any concerts...
  14. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Thinking about selling my Tab slip ons with zombie baffles. $475 plus shipping. Nothing wrong with them just going with black exhaust and it’s not worth trying to powder coat. Chrome with slash tips.
  15. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    $150 plus shipping Taken off my 2020 RM DH before I took delivery of the bike
  16. Indian Scout Performance & Suspension
    I'm looking to have a listen to the Dean Speed Rampage Scout mufflers in SE Mass. Anyone have them near MOM's in Foxorough that would be willing to show them to me? I wanted to hear a set live (not iPhone recordings) them before dropping four bills. Very much appreciated. Thanks.
  17. Indian Challenger
    This has probably been answered more times than the zero times we ever went to the moon, but other than the added exhaust, the bike hasn’t been molested, other than bars and accessories. Is there any reason for me to add a PC5 or a stage one dealer “reflash”? Thank you in advance.
  18. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Replaced my Freedom True Duals with less than 300 miles on them. Taking up space in my garage now. Looking to find a new home for them. Located in Southwest Florida
1-19 of 176 Results