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  1. Sold -Indian stage 1 with six shooter tips

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    For your consideration: 1 set of Indian Stage 1 Slip On Mufflers with Six Shooter tips. The tips can be mounted several different ways for different looks.I have put approximately 2000 miles on them and they are in excellent condition.See the photos for the condition.I can provide more on...
  2. Chieftain Exhaust FS

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    I have oem chieftain slip on exhaust for sale! Only 500 miles on them. Can send pics if interested. Pm me an offer.
  3. Removing muffler on 2020 scout

    Indian Scout
    Any ideas how to remove these screws so I can take out the mufflers? There isnt enough room to take them out. 2020 Scout ABS
  4. How to quiet stage 1 exhaust

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Just got to Germany and my 2018 Roadmaster will be here shortly. It has cams and stage 1 exhaust and I dont believe I will pass the 95db inspection requirement. Anyone have any luck finding a quieter baffle insert tip or any other trick to pass inspection? Yes, quite sounds wrong but I will go...
  5. Dirty Bird Piece Pipe

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    I have a dirty bird piece pipe for sale. It’s in perfect condition and sounds amazing! Can be used on all 111’s or 116’s. I went a different route and wanna part ways with it. $800 and willing to workout shipping
  6. 2018 Scout Bobber misc parts for sale

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Have a few parts and pieces I am willing to part with from my 2018 Scout Bobber. All Items were taken off with under 1000mi on the bike. It is pretty safe to say they are all in like new condition. Serious Inquiries please. Located Houston, TX as well for any face to face dealings. Pictures...
  7. FS Scout Rinehart Slip Ons - 3.5"

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    I have some 3.5" slip ons for sale. Chrome with the black end caps. $420 shipped. I purchased the bike used with them installed but they were too loud for me. I installed OEM exhausts and then upgraded to the stage 1. These only have about 500miles on them. They are in good condition, not...
  8. Looking for OEM mufflers - 2017 Indian Scout

    Indian Scout
    I just bought a used 2017 Indian Scout with aftermarket pipes. I’m looking for someone who wants to get rid of their old stock slip on mufflers. Willing to trade or pay.
  9. Advice on Full System / Header upgrade

    Indian Chief Vintage
    I have a 2014 Vintage that is currently stock engine wise. I am a fan of the classic look over performance to a point. I'd like to do a moderate upgrade engine tune with some particular goals in mind and hope this community can provide direct comments to specific items to aid my decision...
  10. FS Scout Bobber OEM Seat and Pillion Seat w/ Back Rest and OEM Exhaust

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    SEATS SOLD Exhaust has had baffles removed/drilled. sound excellent. Exhaust: $50+Shipping
  11. De-catting: recommended?

    Indian Chieftain
    I have 2019 Chieftain. Considering the rear engine deactivation, I have not yet experienced any major heat issues. However, I was wondering if de-catting (catalytic converter removal) would improve the exhaust note and performance.
  12. Tab exhaust for scout

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    tab exhaust in excellent condition. 2 1/4 baffles. Off of 2018 scout. $225 plus shipping
  13. Exhaust baffle - where do I find perfect fit

    Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    I have 2000 Indian Chief with the original muffler (Part# 37-130). The previous owner removed exhaust baffle so right now my muffler sounds like the thunder. Does anyone know where I could find exhaust baffle either original for this muffler or aftermarket that will fit good? Thanks!
  14. [Pics/Vids] Rush Warhorse Slip-Ons, Lloydz Facet-Cut Airbox

    Indian Dark Horse
    Just a few before/after pics and videos for anyone interested! 2018 Chief Dark Horse Rush Warhorse Slip Ons with 2" extended tips Lloydz Facet Cut Airbox Here's a link to the album with a couple extra pictures: Dark Horse Warhorse Before/After Cold Start (switch at 14 seconds)...
  15. Scout & Scout Sixty Exhaust Heat Shields

    Indian Scout Sixty
    Okay I made a mistake on my bike yesterday and long story short I am searching for the chrome heat shields that cover the exhaust. Indian only seems to sell them in black on thier website. I have looked for used ones on FB or eBay to no avail. Any help would be appreciated. Bike is a 2017 Scout...
  16. Crazy(??) exhaust 2 into 1 mod idea

    Indian Scout Performance & Suspension
    I'd like to put 2 into 1 exhaust on my Scout so I can put bigger saddlebags on it than I can with the stock dual exhaust. Since I'm retired, I have limited funds and having a hard time with the prices of 2-1 exhausts that would go under a saddlebag. There are decent priced 2 into 1 slip-ons, but...
  17. Intake Upgrade???

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Dealer is giving me the option to upgrade my intake to stage one with chip included for 100 bucks at my next service, any info or reviews on what they usually install and how it would affect? or if chip is any good to retune for my gp shorts?
  18. Quietest to Loudest Exhaust Sound Scale

    Indian Scout Performance & Suspension
    Howdy, Other forums I have been on have a sticky thread where riders weigh in on the volume of sound an exhaust makes and ranks them 1 to 10, stock exhaust to straight pipes. I searched a couple different ways on this forum but couldn't find such a posting. I'm interested in a 4 to 7 on the...
  19. FS: Scout Parts - Pass Seat, Bobber Tires, Bobber Exh

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    For sale I have the following: (Allentown PA) 1) Tan Passenger seat - Bought for 2016 Scout 2) Orig 2019 Bobber Tires - 0 Miles on them - Front and Rear - Date codes are 2218 & 2518 3) Orig 2019 Bobber Exhaust - ~500 Miles on them. Buyer to pay shipping - make an offer.
  20. Sold: Scout Stage 1 pipes

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Hello. Put some dean speed pipes on my 2015 scout, and now have the Indian stage 1 taking up space. Been on for 3 years and about 10000 miles. Cat drilled out, but plugs still intact. No rust. Thinking $250 plus shipping from Tacoma, wa. Anybody looking?