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  1. Indian Scout
    Hello. I've stored my scout in a dry and warm garage over the winter. I've started it once a month and when I went to start it today I got the 520200 code wich I've googled is the tip over error code. To my knowledge the bike hasn't been tipped over. Will the e Key/ignition cycling method for...
  2. Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    The Service Manual does contain a few errors, and sometimes the information is incomplete. I have noticed a few in the past, and never took note of it. So time to start taking notes... and why not share them here, and take advantage of the errors you may have noticed. So, below is a list of the...
  3. Indian Scout
    So with my new intake and my Power Commander V installed I have been tearing up streets and bringing Harley riders to their knees even faster. However, the other day while riding, I started to scroll through my menu and all the sudden I saw "Ck Eng" pop up between my temperature and odometer...
1-3 of 3 Results