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  1. Indian Scout
    Hello. I've stored my scout in a dry and warm garage over the winter. I've started it once a month and when I went to start it today I got the 520200 code wich I've googled is the tip over error code. To my knowledge the bike hasn't been tipped over. Will the e Key/ignition cycling method for...
  2. Indian Scout
    Hello, awesome Indian riders, I just wanted to leave this information available to the Indian community. The 6 pictures are taken directly from my 2018/2019 Indian Scout Service Manual #9929390 RO1. If anybody wants additional information please just ask, I'm not a professional photographer so...
  3. Indian Scout
    Greetings everyone. Could someone please tell me what the error code 520550 is for. Thank you
  4. Indian Roadmaster
    I keep having 3 codes pop up on my 2018 Roadmaster. It has 379 miles on it. Code 524040 2 FMI C174B Right Hand Control Module. 520262 4 FMI ABS Source. 520267 31 FMI Side Stand Extended when it is in the ride position. Any Ideas of what the 524040 code is?
  5. Thunder Stroke 111 Common Problems/Issues
    Well, here's a strange one for you... I was cruising about 55-60 when I lost power. The check engine light came on, so I pulled over. The engine was apparently only running on one cylinder. I didn't see any codes, so I shut the engine off. When I started it back up everything seemed to be...
  6. Indian Roadmaster
    I recently purchased a 2018 Roadmaster. I owned four other Harley's, but the Indian has nothing on it! Love the bike! However, while doing the break-in at approximately 30 km, the bike showed an error code P0172: Fuel Correction System Too Rick 1 (Front) (Pre). Then at 130 km, the bike...
1-6 of 6 Results