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  1. Gilroy Indian Models
    For several weeks I have been working on a project to install dual exhausts on my 2010 KM Chief. I did not install fishtails, I was cheap and bought the conventional pipes from ebay. They were finally installed last weekend. Delays were mostly due to not having enough time and having to figure...
  2. Indian Scout
    Hi All. I’m looking for some advice. I’m new to most of this stuff. I installed the A.N. torque box and have Bassani slip ons installed. I purchased a kit with the torque box and Dobeck EJK 3rd gen. My friend helped me install it, as he had done with his scout a few years back. He was surprised...
  3. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Selling my Dobeck EJK that came off a 2016 Indian Scout. Nothing wrong with it, fantastic unit and super easy to use. Went with PVCX instead. Was on the bike for about 6-7000 miles. Included is the EJK and wiring harness, and two O2 sensor bypasses, and a few mini zip ties to hold it down...
  4. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    5 more cubic inches alone will not make that much difference. You need to get more fuel in faster and get the exhaust out fast. That is what the new 116 bore kit really does. The key to this kit is the new enlarged intake manifold. At I have been trying to figure out a...
  5. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    For Sale: Brand New, Never used Dobeck EJK for Thunder Stroke 111 I am selling a brand new, never used Dobeck EJK for Thunder Stroke 111. Still in box. Asking $160. Shipped free in the USA.
  6. Indian Scout Performance & Suspension
    I am running a generic slip-on. As this is my first bike, I'm absolutely terrified that I am going to burn an exhaust valve, or that I have some sort of pre-ignition. The bike seems to run fine, and I can only force it to pop by running the bike high and cutting the throttle so that the engine...
  7. Indian Dark Horse
    I will be installing these parts as they come in. I have a question about removing the old exhaust. What are the torque values an the floor boards, header mounting bolts and the fin bolts? Any help would be great thanks.
  8. Indian Scout offers special deals each month for Scout owners. For the month of April 2016 we have three deals. One is a performance package that includes The Dobeck EJK fuel computer , The "Screaming Scout" intake, and an RPW exhaust system. The savings is about $150. The second...
  9. Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    Just got my "you paid $650 to make your bike sound like it's going to stall out??" Cams installed, along with a dobeck ejk. Having trouble getting the settings juuuust right. I've dialed down the green to one, and it got me close. Still seems "bumpy" if I slow accelerate from 0-10. I have...
  10. Indian Scout
    The Warbonnet Screaming Scout Intake is here! Check out product info at this link: Warbonnet Screaming Scout Intake | Indian Motorcycle Forum Add this intake to any of our available Dobeck Performance Stage 1 kits Let me know if you have any questions. -TuningHQ
  11. Indian Scout
    TuningHQ Here! We will be offering Stage 1 kits here on the forums. Stage 1 kits include an exhaust of your choice and EJK fuel solution. We will be testing the exhausts available for the Scout and finding optimal settings for our EJK fuel controller. We will be testing on our Axis Dyno so we...
1-11 of 20 Results