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  1. Indian Dark Horse
    I recently purchased a 2022 Indian chief dark horse bobber and plan to purchase some upgrades including stage 1 air intake, aftermarket pipes. But to do this I would need a ecu calibration/reflash, if i purchase digital wrench, will I be able to apply this calibration card myself or do I have to...
  2. Indian Scout Sixty
    Hi Everyone, I have just purchased my first Indian; a used 2017 Scout 60. It has 1800 miles over three years (I have original BoS) so I would consider that low miles. It is in excellent condition and has had some nice modifications from what I can tell; Trask Performance Air Filter and Trask 3”...
  3. Indian Roadmaster
    Dear indian owners I just did my first 500 miles services and the dealer used Motul oil and they. did tje re-call of ECU upgrade .. When i recieved the bike it was like a different bike.. I am not enjoying driving it anymore the engine sound is different and gear shifting not the same.. Before...
  4. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    If you own a large Indian (not Scout) 2014 to 2016 (Built before 6-1-2016) The is an immediate upgrade for the ECU (VCM). A STOP/SALE was issued today for a potential for a backfire which could cause and over temp and fire. I suggest you reach out to your Dealer ASAP. STOP SALE means all bikes...
  5. Indian Motorcycle Recalls
    The dealer just told me about a recall on all Indians. It calls for an ecu reflash to as much full delivery. Apparently it adds to much fuel every five strokes or so.
  6. Indian Motorcycle Recalls
    2014-2016 Indian Motorcycles (111ci) – ECM Calibration Update PURPOSE: In the event of an ignition misfire on 2014-2016 Indian motorcycles (111ci), unburned fuel can be routed into the exhaust system, which can cause elevated exhaust temperatures that may pose a fire hazard. Indian Motorcycle...
  7. Indian Scout
    So I took my Scout in for it's second service and was told there was an ECU recall for a reflash to "address an idle issue" . I am not sure if this is canada only or what but anyone with an "idle issue" should get in touch with your dealer it is also noted this was covered under warranty for...
  8. Indian Scout Performance & Suspension
    Heads ups guys-- Indian has released an Official Indian Scout throttle surge reflash… call your dealers.
1-9 of 10 Results