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  1. Asphalt Dyno

    Indian Scout Performance & Suspension
    After explaining this to several bikers and co-workers, I'm beginning to think it isn't widely known, but I thought it was. I started doing it in 1967 when I was 17 years old with my Kawasaki 120 Bushwacker. Before making performance improvements on cars, motorcycles, etc. I always do what I...
  2. My dyno pull... WTF

    Thunder Stroke 111 Performance & Suspension
    Originally I was to have a tune performed but some technical issues had arise with the sniffer and my cats, and the co port being in a bad spot where they cannot hook it up. So I had the dynojet people to do a pull instead so I can see what I have and it looks disappointing. 2019 Chieftain...
  3. 17’ Scout S&S intake vs Zipper’s Intake

    Indian Scout
    What would anyone suggest? Between S&S and Zippers intake. I’ve had experience with the S&S intake, but none with the Zippers. I’ve heard that the Zippers would amplify torque and kill top end. (Which is what I’m looking for) but I’d rather not bite the bullet on Zippers if all it’s gonna do is...
  4. To dyno/air intake or not

    Indian Scout Performance & Suspension
    Hi lads I've been reading through many threads and people's setups to get a clear vision, but it all become one big spiderweb. So I wanna give my bobber18 more love by letting it breath more free with an aftermarket air cleaner and change the slip-ons along with a dynotune. When I'm like "Ok...
  5. Dyno Results - 116, VP, PVCX/WBCX

    Thunder Stroke 111 Performance & Suspension
    Here are the results from my dyno session with Kyle on Saturday in Daytona: 109 HP / 137 TQ. This is with the catalytic converter IN PLACE. (For some reason, I can't upload the graph at work, but I'll try again from home tonight.) Here is my setup: 2017 Chieftain Limited, 116 big bore kit...
  6. New "ELITE" Member, joined today

    New Member Introduction Forum
    Hello fellow tribe members. I am new to the forum, and even new to the Indian Family. I've been riding for 18 years so far, so I have a lot of experience with many other bikes. However, this is my first Indian, and by far the best cruiser I've owned. I just purchased the Chieftain Elite "new"...
  7. HD dealer refuses Indian bike

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I have moved the Thunder Works factory to a small town in Georgia. We now have our own exhaust pipes and intakes. So I want to sell a complete performance kit but I need a Dyno report to back up my wild claims. We are located 45 minutes from Jacksonville, FL and 90 minutes from Savanah, GA...
  8. Dyno Numbers

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Does anyone have a real world dyno sheet for a 2016 Chieftain with the Stage2 cams, Rush exhaust, Indian Performance Intake/Air Cleaner, and Indian Performance ECU Flash? I just had all this done and, man-o-man, does it make a difference! I'm too busy riding to go get a dyno, and was just...
  9. VP60 with Stage II - KMC Dyno Results

    Thunder Stroke 111 Performance & Suspension
    KMC combo with Indian stg 2 cam. Really happy with the combo
  10. Vintage dyno results 87 hp 114 torque

    Indian Chief Vintage
    I have a 15 vintage with stage 1 exhaust and intake with 6 shooter tips. stage 2 cams with pc5. got a dyno today and they got me to 87 HP with 114 torque. I am extremely happy with these results and am curious what others have achieved with this set up, I still got 47 mpg on a freeway ride the...
  11. Aeromach Stage 1 Kits - Aeromach Slip-on Exhaust w/ EJK fuel controller

    Dobeck Performance
    Our Stage 1 kits for the Indian Scout include the Aeromach slip-on exhaust and our EJK fuel solution. These kits have been tested on our Axis Dyno to provide an optimal EJK tune up for your exhaust. Aeromach Highway Hawk Stage 1 Kits Black Straight Slip-ons w/ Chrome Tips: $829 Black Slash Cut...
  12. Air Intake now available for Scout

    Indian Scout
    The Warbonnet Screaming Scout Intake is here! Check out product info at this link: Warbonnet Screaming Scout Intake | Indian Motorcycle Forum Add this intake to any of our available Dobeck Performance Stage 1 kits Let me know if you have any questions. -TuningHQ
  13. Rush Racing Stage 1 Kits- War Horse Slip-ons w/ EJK fuel controller

    Dobeck Performance
    Our Stage 1 kits for the Indian Scout include the Rush Racing Slip-on exhaust of your choice and our EJK fuel solution. These kits have been tested on our Axis Dyno to provide an optimal EJK tune up for your exhaust. Rush Racing Exhaust Stage 1 Kit -CHROME or BLACK War horse Slip-on package...
  14. EJK Fuel Controller Information

    Dobeck Performance
    Use this thread to post questions and comments about the EJK fuel solution. Below are links to EJK information for the Indian Scout EJK fuel controllers for Indian Motorcycles Installation of EJK on Indian Scout EJK for Indian Scout Product Page This page includes: Recommended EJK Base...