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  1. Indian Scout Sixty
    Has anyone considered putting Denali fog or driving lights on their Scout? I have a Scout bobber 60 and wouldn't want to ruin the look by adding them but I think a set of white or orange fog lights would benefit me greatly as I live in a very foggy part of the PNW. Doesn't necessarily have to...
  2. Indian Chieftain
    Installed on my '19 Chieftain Limited. Took a few hours (disassembling fairing and turning lights) but worth the time and $$ investment.
  3. Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    My driving lights on my 2017 Springfield both stopped working two days ago. The switch button light still illuminates red and green, but the lights don't come on. I took it to my local repair shop, and he says he can't fix it because there is a new diagnostic computer that he can't afford to...
  4. Indian Chieftain
    I purchased these lights (Headlight & Driving lights) for my 2014 Chieftain The headlight was plug and play and seems to run without issue. When I connect the driving lights though, they do not come on at all. I've read...
  5. Indian Chieftain
    Well I have had my 2017 Chieftain for about two weeks now. I got a call from the dealership, letting me know my plate was in. On my way, about 30 miles, something hit my right leg. I wasn't sure what it was and it didn't hurt me so I just continued. I arrived at the dealership and found out...
  6. Indian Scout
    I would like to add some additional LED driving lights, mostly for when I am out camping and don't make it back before dark (DEER!). I was wondering if anyone has a sense of the Scout's electrical capacity and how much room there is to play with. I want to stay well within the system's capacity.
  7. Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    I disconnected the battery on my '15 Classic to install a battery tender, After reconnection, the driving lights no longer come on. The power button is not lit and there appears to be no codes. No blown fuses and everything else works fine. Ideas? VCM reflash maybe? Thanks.
1-8 of 8 Results