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  1. Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    What sort of wear is everyone seeing on the TS111 drive belt? High mileage folks, please weigh in; dealer observations also appreciated! I'd like to keep this specific to Indian drive belts to limit responses for myself and other Forum members. My situation - 2015 Roadmaster with over 33,000...
  2. Indian Chieftain
    Seems like all I do is ask questions but still new to this game. Today after a 2 hour ride I noticed a rear end noise as I coasted into my garage. Closer inspection determined the drive belt is squeaking. I ride a 2016 Chieftain with 5000Kms or 3000mi on it. Any similar issues or cures?
  3. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I had my rear pulley replaced under warranty because it was making a noticeable "chirp" on accel. I asked to take a pic of the two before they chucked the old one and the dealer obliged. The edges are deeper as well as the channels, but the important part is no more noise! Old left new right
  4. Thunder Stroke 111 Common Problems/Issues
    My dealership in has been pretty good to me. I have been able to bring forth many informational issues to them that I have discovered through you (the forum), that they hadn't encountered at that time (flash upgrades for larger font, flash for the alarm, the cam noise and the different cam...
  5. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Hi everyone, Over time a noise from the right side of the bike gradually got worse. It got to the point that it really bugged me. As I accelerated mostly from the third gear upwards or just under heavier load it squeaked terrible. I thought what could that be, it's something coming from the...
1-5 of 5 Results