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  1. Dipstick with thermometer built in

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I have been selling a nice dipstick that fits in all of the new Indians (even Scout). It has a thermometer built in at the top so you can monitor the oil temp. It is also easy to screw in and out without a tool. Anyway the manufacturer is retiring the business. I am receiving the last batch ever...
  2. Is the OEM Oil Dipstick Meant to Read Cold Oil Level?

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    When I changed the oil in my RM last week at 5,000 miles, I noticed that my OEM oil dipstick has the word, "Cold" etched on it (below the "Add" mark) along with a row of 5 "X's" on upper side of "Cold" and 5 "X's" going down toward the bottom of the dipstick on lower side of "Cold". Looks like...
  3. Low Oil during break in

    Indian Scout
    Hi, First off, I’m new here and greatful to have this resource. Thanks in advance for your help. Picked up a 2018 Bobber a week and a half ago. I’m about to take it in for the 500 ‘bend over’. At 387 I checked the oil exactly as directed. It barely registered on the dipstick. Tried it hot, tried...

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Ok, for awhile I was unable to get dipsticks from my supplier. But I am starting to get a trickle of them coming in again. Many have asked about these and for those that don't know what I am talking about... This is a dipstick that replaces your stock Indian dipstick. It has a temperature gauge...
  5. Oil shot in the face!

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I was testing a dip stick for a customer and I made a brilliant discovery. I'm sure many of you already know this but for the dummies like me here is some new info. I started up the bike and then proceeded to switch dipsticks. Guess what, the oil chamber is under pressure. It sends a burst of...
  6. Dipstick Temp Gauge

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Hey guys. I have a new product to offer that I think you will like. It is a replacement for the dipstick. The "Dipstick Temp Gauge" replaces your OEM dipstick. Why? Because it is many times easier to read the oil level and it gives you the temperature of your oil in the sump at a glance. The...
  7. Important Information for Dark Horse Owners!

    Indian Dark Horse
    The Aeromach dipstick will not fit our engines. They are in the process of resolving the problem. Do not attempt to force screw the dipstick into the threaded hole, because you will cause major harm to the crankcase threads. Contact them for refund or credit. They are a great group of people...