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dean speed
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  1. Indian Scout Performance & Suspension
    I'm looking to have a listen to the Dean Speed Rampage Scout mufflers in SE Mass. Anyone have them near MOM's in Foxorough that would be willing to show them to me? I wanted to hear a set live (not iPhone recordings) them before dropping four bills. Very much appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Indian Scout
    I have a Dean Speed Sissy Bar for my 2021 Indian Scout, but I'm looking for some saddle supports that'll fit it. I bought some cheap saddle bags to test out how'd they do, but they easily get munched by the rear tire without the supports regardless of adjustments. The sissy bar itself is made...
  3. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Good morning tribe, I have a scout bobber abs 2021 and I really like the look of the Dean speed zero drag bars. Has anyone made this change before? Any advise? Extra riser or something I should be aware of before purchasing the handle bars? Also I just got the highway crash bars from dean speed...
  4. Indian Scout
    Trying to decide between FMB Choppers 10" Blazed ape hangers or the Dean Speed Low Ball 1 1/4" bars. Differences I see are pullback: FMBs have 8" and Dean Speed has 3.5". Both are 1 1/4 tubing. FMB has bar-end bungs for mirrors, DS doesn't specify. FMB mentions blazed, DS doesn't. Any...
  5. Indian Scout Performance & Suspension
    Earlier this year I did the standard upgrades finally. The exhaust barks, if you want any kind of neighbor friendly exhaust this is not for you. I did a factory reflash for the tune with 92 Octane and with all city travel added another 20+ miles to the tank which was probably the most...
  6. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Selling my dean speed 12 gauge exhaust. The pipes were on my bike for just under 1000 miles. Reason for selling is I went with a 2-1. I love these pipes and they look amazing! Wrapped in black titanium exhaust wrap and they come with 3 choices of baffles: open, closed, or...
1-7 of 7 Results