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  1. Gear Indicator on springfield

    Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    Does anybody else have a mysterious letter capital “A” mysteriously show up next to the gear indicator? It shows up on my 2016 in any gear and nobody from Indian can tell me what or hey it appears It also mysteriously disappears Anybody else know what this capital letter “A” is after...
  2. The "DASHBOARD" now comes prewired ready to go.

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    We have located a source for the unusual electrical connector that Indian uses on the bikes. (See another post where we offer just the plug for sale.) There is a hot switched plug at the neck of the non-fairing bikes. Now you can buy the Dashboard and it is prewired and ready to go. What is the...
  3. The "Dashboard" is now smaller!

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    After some requests we have reduced the size of the Thunder Works "DASHBOARD". It is now lighter weight and easier to position on your handlebars. It still boasts 600 WATTS of power and holds your phone securely. Finally you can have music, phone charging and GPS on a non-fairing bike. The unit...
  4. quick release "DASHBOARD"

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Thunder Works has another new product for you to look at. If you have a fairing on your bike, you don't need this but you are welcome to comment. If you don't have a fairing but would like some tunes occasionally and a place for your phone...... The new quick release "DASHBOARD" allows you to...
  5. Empty dash switch spot

    Indian Springfield
    Has anyone found a switch that will fill the spot on the dash that would be the switch for heated grips if I had them? The one from Indian is $299.00, which is actually the same price of the heated grips themselves. I would like to use that switch spot for some aftermarket LEDs. I was thinking...
  6. 2015 Roadmaster Flood

    Indian Roadmaster
    Hello, We just bought a 2015 Roadmaster. After changing the battery and cleaning the main parts, the motorcycle starts and runs. Unfortunately dashboard doesn't work. LCD is dark, speedo and fuel meters don't move. After changing the battery we noticed that two of the cables aren't plugged (the...
  7. Thunder Works dashboard stereo?

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I am designing a "Thunder Works Dashboard" that can be used on the the non-fairing bikes. It will mount on the handlebars using Ram clamps. It will feature a Motorcycle GPS, phone mount, power ports, and a stereo. I am deciding what kind of music to offer. There are several ways to connect to...